Long Thanh Trung develop traditional bamboo and rattan


From Tay Ninh town along Highway 22B east, the Long Thanh Trung commune, Hoa Thanh district, Tay Ninh province pedestrians will encounter beaches roadside bamboo, bamboo, rattan ... big and small different. This is the raw material of bamboo rattan village tradition has existed and developed nearly half a century this land.
With professional experience in nearly half a century, people in Long Thanh Trung can create products from rattan, bamboo, durable, beautiful in many different models, favored by customers, typically as: table chairs, cabinets, shelves and furniture, tents ... However, to achieve high-quality products to further meet the increasing demands of society, villages need to have an organization oriented towards development sustainability. And Cooperatives (Cooperatives) Bamboo Long Thanh Trung was born on May 11/2010 according to that trend. Its principal activities are production cooperatives, commodity trading rattan, bamboo and cork to serve the needs of the domestic and export markets.

Once in operation, the cooperative Bamboo Long Thanh Trung has reorganized production activities of the village and attracted many workers, solving employment for more than 50 social workers. In addition, purchasing cooperatives also performed and materials consumption relative products for members. Rattan and bamboo villages existing in Long Thanh Trung commune became major focal center of rattan products in the region.

Manufacturing activity in Long Thanh Trung is currently specialize through each stage, from the stage of splitting, pickets until the drying process ... Especially products, splitting stage was used by the machine, instead of splitting manually as before. According to Ha Ngoc Decision, owns a production facility rattan said, splitting machines yielding 10 times higher than handmade. Now, each day, his establishment Decision creates jobs for 3 major workers with average income of over VND 100,000 per person / day, along with 4 per person of ordinary workers around 70000-80000 / day.

In order for a product bamboo rattan quality of usability and design, in addition to the choice of materials beautiful tree, the workers have to be very careful at all stages, especially when machining difficult products . Thus, from the raw rattan, bamboo rudimentary, through skillful hands, meticulous craftsmen have turned the tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves and furniture all sizes, and beautiful colors sophisticated.
 According to Mr Ho Ngoc Quoi, Chairman of the Cooperative Bamboo Long Thanh Trung, the material resources available locally, purchasing cooperatives also additional material from Binh Duong Province, Cambodia or via Xa Mat border gate of Tan Bien, Tay Ninh province. In the past, some families are often homemade products for intermediary companies to export goods to City before. Ho Chi Minh City and many other places. However, for the higher price, the cooperative has sought contact to sell products directly to large companies in the city. Ho Chi Minh City. Whereby the product price has been raised higher and income of workers has improved than before.

In addition, Long Thanh Trung commune government has created conditions to help local rattan development as ground support for Bamboo and Rattan Long Thanh Trung Cooperative office, applying for over 100 million contract to equipped with facilities for cooperatives. Phong Hoa Thanh District Agricultural cooperatives also support a number of machines required for production such as cutting machines, sawing, planing ... For small producers in cooperatives, the Industrial Promotion Assistance Fund or Bank Policy social lending at 20 million and the repayment period of 3 years. In addition, cooperative Bamboo Long Thanh Trung also coordinate with the Career Center Vocational Hoa Thanh district vocational training for members wishing to learn or improve job skills as bamboo and rattan products. This is the right direction to improve production efficiency and product quality bamboo rattan Long Thanh Trung, contribute to the growing village, reputed in the market domestically and internationally.

To date, the cooperative's Bamboo Long Thanh Trung not only be present in the domestic market but also exported to countries such as Taiwan, Japan, USA, France ... /.

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