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(DanViet) - Thanks to hang on to the traditional bamboo and rattan that villagers Bao La (Quang Phu Commune, Quang Dien district, Thua Thien - Hue) now thriving and stable income.
How La weaving village formed from the Nguyen Dynasty, specializes in producing supplies of bamboo and rattan. Over many generations, this village fading, workers' income so low that many families leave their jobs, scrambling village youth in the diaspora.

In 2007, before the aspirations of many households in the village dedicated to her craft, the provincial authorities of Quang Dien district and the establishment Cooperative (Cooperative) weaving, with its 25 members, which number only 5 million. Cooperative members have used the land, his house collateral for bank loans to expand production scale, attracting small producers in business to orient collective output quality and products. Besides focusing manpower, the village also focus on training skilled workers to continuously improve productivity and product quality.
In late 2007, the Association Traideraft (Germany) organized a workshop on developing products from bamboo and rattan village of Bao La and bring this product to the list of crafts potential of this market. Shortly thereafter, the Association Traideraft campaign, encouraging villages to upgrade products from traditional crafts to exquisite handicraft products. Next, the association also helped put the village to introduce products at international trade fairs in Germany, France, Thailand ...
"Career women never alone"
To date, the Vast weaving village developed with large-scale, full facilities and spacious; solve a steady job with a high income to nearly 100 employees. The production division in particular is distributed in several stages, in order to make the most of leisure time after work in the fields of most workers.
With the dominance of quality, design, rattan products of craft villages have occupied the domestic market. Many staples of the immense village as bamboo fans, lanterns, rattan chairs ... are many agencies and large enterprises in countries with large quantity orders. Most of the village's products to become an indispensable items in restaurants, hotels, resorts ...
In 2008, the village was named Bao La typical villages of Thua Thien - Hue.
In 2008, the village was named Bao La typical villages of Thua Thien - Hue. In 2011, the product of the bamboo lantern village won first prize in the Vast poll industrial products typical of the rural provinces.
Late in 2011, the product of village bamboo tray tray also won the second prize in the contest villages typical product by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism organized sports. Besides, the annual product of the Vast village was on display at many festivals in and outside the province of Thua Thien - Hue province, especially in the period and the Hue Festival Hue Traditional Craft Festival. On this occasion, the product of the Vast village has always attracted the attention of visitors.
Mr. Crown Interchange - knitting Vice Chairman Bao La Cooperative, said keeping the traditional craft has helped people in the village never underemployment and always have a steady income. "We always keep in mind that, just scared her additives professional career but his side never" - he completed share.

Tuan Anh - An son:

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