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Many children sleep at waiting, the same couple sleepless nights of research, creative work rattan. The greatest happiness of the workers is finding your soulmate in life, soul, congenial and prayer life, his father died leaving the profession ... "- Artisan Hoang Van Hanh, 45 years old traditional village of Phu Vinh , Phu Nghia commune (Chuong My, Ha Noi) proudly told us that ... ".
Refinement old job
Phu Vinh Village has 4 neighbors (Upper, Lower, Go Dau, Dam Bung) with 781 households and 3,261 persons, over 90% of households produce crafts business making bamboo and rattan. The people here are proud of weaving tradition nearly 400 years old. Hoang Van Hanh artisans proudly told us about the land of Phu Vinh - the cradle "oven" artists:
- In 1962, Uncle Ho mailing praise artisan Nguyen Van lodge, including questions on "The hybrid cell is organized, how the department can favor rich ass / United States committed in the first case, the most closely at the glory forever" (roughly translated: Heritage ancestors there, eternal riches, hundreds of grateful; Finance flowers and this decency, honor a life forever talented relatives). If two words first pair and the last two digits of the side of the village will be a place-name: "Phu Vinh," district "American Plan". The message sent messages to local people: Let's appreciate and promote the traditional craft, skilled surely strive eternally rich, glorious.

 In the chaos room rattan products, such as baskets, bags, picture frames, trays, vases, lampshades ... couple engrossed artists create works. See us on, Mr. Hoang Van Hanh affable: 

- My husband is completing two products (Box philosophy of yin and yang and ceramic lamps rattan box) to participate in the final round of "handicraft village in Vietnam, the 9th - 2012". A few years ago, traditional village of Phu Vinh rattan much excitement, but unfortunately that recently rattan products is declining orders, so some people had moved to other jobs!
Hoang Van Hanh artisans lucky to be born in the family weaving tradition (Hoang Van biological father is former area known artisan in the village). From a small boy, his father taught Hanh, plus the inherent passion so he Hanh is dedicated to her craft rattan.
In 1988, after completing the task of volunteer soldiers on the ground in Laos, Hoang Van Hanh young man right in the context of rural villages are "dilemma", dismayed, he was "South progress "in Bien Hoa (Dong Nai) to find the cause, learn about bamboo and rattan. At that time, weaving in Phu Vinh risk losing. Hoang Van Hanh I remembered, with traditional heavy heart should go study hard, learn in the traditional village, just the desire to keep his father's job, just hoping to bring more new jobs village, commune.
After nearly 10 years away from home in search tirelessly in many provinces in the south, he realized Hanh Binh Duong ceramic color match the color rattan in the traditional village of Phu Vinh. Home with empty hands, Hoang Van Hanh began raising enriched media from traditional rattan. In early 2001, Hanh find "half" her by accident as in a dream:
- This year, I had the good fortune to teach and transmit bamboo and rattan in Dong Son commune, Chuong My district. Do not understand the reason how that girl Linda who turns 20 years old at that time to craft enthusiast and keen affinity with "teacher" Happiness ... And we're so charming couple.

Rarely has a couple family "same boat", and was awarded the artist as his family Hoang Van Hanh. Mrs Linda (his wife Hanh) State-recognized artist in 2011, telling about the grace with rattan craft:
- Maybe you should craft charming new debt to make strawberry Phu Vinh village. Initially I did not think that under the bamboo and rattan, but see my husband all day struggling with job ... so I was hypnotized, bamboo and rattan that is absorbed into the bloodstream without me realizing ...
He Hanh said: "My husband and I were married in 2001, until 2005," my wife, "I was really infatuated with bamboo and rattan. Many dark, waiting for the baby was sleeping well, new couple Chong light painstakingly research, test out new products rattan. Along with her work, I realized that the greatest happiness of the workers found a soulmate in your life, soul, and pray congenial life, his father died leaving the profession ... ".
It is quite impressive to all those visiting family artisans wife Linda - Happiness is the certificate of award, awards ... hang tight walls of a hut. Each of the new products are "records" full record of the origin, formation process until it becomes a product of public record. Nguyen Thi Han told the couple celebrating "hold" two awards in the contest Crafts (2006) with us:
- A cold winter night in late 2005, half the night I saw him sleeping quietly Hanh called up (then 2-year-old nephew, new niece was 2 months old). My husband gently said, if we do not fear tomorrow I'll just forget the idea ... Turns out he thinks the new models and offered up his wife to the same design. So that night the couple awake to product design. And also thanks to two sample products composed that night, the couple they won first prize and two runner contest.
Treaty of artisans couple
For product durable, termite, do not lose the natural color of the product, artisans wife Linda - Happy knitting studied carefully, how to make color work that his father had done, but determined not to use industrial chemicals and colors. Hoang Van Hanh artisans confided:
- To create the texture of black (black), instead of using black paint I have oak leaves, leaf eagle, black inserting leaves guava leaves and boiled thoroughly to extract a matching black water stuff. Then, for technical products to soak in this water and take out, dry. Then soak in the mud from time 5 to 7 days to ensure that the food color to make the core. Thus, despite the use of many years, color has not faded away. Or to create a natural yellow color without using paint, we will use the short straw cut about 5cm, then entered the pit with a wide mouth to burn and "steam" product. In the process of burning straw must be adjusted so that the straw that generates white smoke to the surface of the product natural yellow ...

Happy to chat with him, we learned that weaving also mold its level, which is the method, the principle of knitting techniques, installed. Whether or artisan workers also must adhere to the mold that level, absolute negligence to avoid errors in product ... Our observation that highlights the product in a couple of artist Linda - Happiness is a finely woven techniques. They have cleverly combine traditional weaving styles with innovative weaving styles to make the cube healthy, certainly consistent with contemporary art. Products that young couples innovative technologies are diverse, ranging from functional objects to contain ornaments ...
In the story revolves around traditional villages nearly 400 years old Vinh Phu, Hoang Van Hanh every artist desires: The village of Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan are looking forward to the end, the industry registered trademarks sooner to conserve and development of villages nearly 400 years old. Currently, the traditional villages of Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan are facing very difficult situation, partly due to scarcity of raw materials, partly because their products at low prices. Meanwhile, the younger generation is no longer interested now with more craft, racing hired immediately earn money so they are increasingly leaving villages ...
Although Phu Vinh village is in the midst of "tormented", but we certainly believe there will be "future state", because in the village there are talented people, dedicated to her craft artisans as husband and wife Linda - Hanh.

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