Nearly 6 billion tourism festival held traditional villages


Nearly 6 billion of funding will be spent on the activities of the tourism festival traditional villages Hanoi and the Red River Delta provinces in 2013 will take place from 9 - 10.12.2013 at the Sports Palace Clothes Horse, Hanoi.

Mr. Mai Tien Dung, deputy director of Hanoi Department of Culture, Deputy Head of the organizing committee, said the festival is an important event in the program for the National Tourism Year 2013, with the aim of contributing to honoring, preserving and development of traditional crafts of Hanoi, the local Red River Delta region and some provinces and cities nationwide.

The program will contribute to the exploitation of traditional values and to develop tourism as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in cultural development - tourism among tourism enterprises of Hanoi tourism enterprises at home and abroad. Festival also contributes to the tourism stimulus program autumn of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general.

The organizers said up to this point had 274 stores in total 300 booths enrolled; 37/52 participate in traditional festivals (including Hanoi participated in 23 occupations). The exhibition is divided into five exhibition areas including villages, tourism businesses, airlines and regional cuisine Hanoi and the provinces / cities.

Private sector exhibition village will spend 20 space-time simulation for Hanoi City craft villages related to the formation and development of the profession of Hanoi city. Artists performing will direct the process to strengthen exchanges between the village and visitors.

Festival activities will be processions of village: Mass procession ancestor village of Bat Trang Ceramics, Fine Art Son Dong village, Van Phuc village, the village of Ngu Hiep glad basket weaving, craft group comprised of gold, silver, Village Phuc Tan silver craft station, village of Le Mat snake dance, lion dance, dragon dance ...

During the 4 day festival there are art and cultural programs, folk games as he molded arch, human chess contest, contest cooked the rice, dams and pans, walking on stilts, jump rope, dove drop contest , nightingale fighting contest, calligraphy, kite demos .

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