New direction for handicrafts Phu Yên


Phu Yen has many handicraft products, but the quality of production facilities still untapped potential and its advantages. In the past year, the Department of Trade and Industry has implemented many activities to support the production facility handicrafts so that they find a new direction - making tourism products.

Every handicraft of Phu Yen is a real product as fine art, fine art coconut shell casing, sedge, bamboo and rattan products, bags and other items from leather, wood handicrafts, wood paintings, stone, pottery ... Also in the province, a number of products are sold in both domestic and foreign. However, according to the Department of Trade and Industry, the handicraft products of Phu Yen no specificity; the production base of untapped good souvenir market tourism.
Under the guidance and support of the Department of Trade and Industry, a number of establishments producing handicrafts are beginning a new direction, as tourism products. Vo Anh Tuan Bui, Suoi Bac Commune, Son Hoa, the owner of Rococo Fine art wood picture sharing: In the past I mostly do landscape painting conventional wood, calligraphy paintings, paint consumption in the district Hoa, Song Hinh, Dong Xuan, City Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) ... At the end of 2013, while participating in Fair Trade and Agriculture Phu Yen, DoIT I was driven to do art wood paintings tourism and contest "Design products and souvenirs for Phu Yen tourism". I tried to do some wood mosaic simulating the natural beauty of Phu Yen as Swallow Mountain - Da River, beach Mon - Electronic nose ...; simultaneous contest with 2 wood paintings "on the nose Electric Dawn" and clocks shaped map of Phu Yen. Despite many difficulties, if supported display and sold in tourist attractions, souvenir shops, I believe painting wooden handicraft products of their establishments will be successful with this new direction.
 Also in 2013, the Department of Trade and Industry funded organizations for product producers rush to study art models of production experience in the northern provinces. Thereby, this unit has encouraged oriented producers sedge tourism. Mr. Nguyen Van West, sedge base village of Long Tan, An Cu commune, Tuy An, said: Through field trips, study, I found the village in northern sedge production has many products such as caps, hats, shoes, bags ... serve tourists very effective.
Currently, O Loan lagoon landscapes, needs souvenirs for tourists is very limited. In the future, I will focus on investment in production of handicraft items from papyrus to exploit this market. However, the project was difficult due to insufficient equipment and funding for implementation.
 Besides oriented establishments producing handicrafts create specific products for tourism, the Department of Trade and Industry also supports the deposit facility at the hotel product, point landscape and to promote product sales. Anh Nguyen Minh Business, Home art facility buildings Colleagues said the support of the Department of Trade and Industry, the real art products that our deposit 2 hotels in Cong Doan Hung Vuong and Da Dia scenic spot MD you rather "run", especially the small, Phu Yen or engraved images of landscapes of Phu Yen. Industrial Base Council wishes to continue to receive the support of the provinces to deposit additional products in hotels and other tourist destinations in the province but also attract tourists to Phu Yen. 

 According to Nguyen Thi Kim Bich, deputy director of the Department of Trade and Industry, 2013, the Department of Trade and Industry supports nearly 700 million facility for the production of handicrafts training; model to study the production of handicrafts products from sedge; building technical demonstration, technology transfer of scientific and technical progress; development of industrial products typical rural; deposit products, marine products in hotels, tourist attractions ... Especially, the contest "Design products and souvenirs for Phu Yen tourism" has attracted a number of production facilities crafts art of the province. The winning products are entitled to support policy development, priority promotion, introduced at the souvenir shops, tourist sites, mass media channels and channels of trade promotion Public Sector injured. 2014, the unit continued to support the production facility jewelery manufacturing investment towards developing new

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