Nguyen Ngoc Hiep become boss at 22


The effort itself and passion has helped professional young man Nguyen Ngoc Hiep become the owner of a wood base sculpture art famous.
New 22-year-old, but Nguyen Ngoc Hiep has been the basis of sculptures called Lac Viet (8 villages, musk An, Que Son district, Quang Nam province) with profits of more than 200 million per year. Not only shield people in the respected medical costs by overcoming difficulties, this young man convinced them heart for the poor, especially young unemployed dropouts.
Difficulty not discouraged
Visitors basis sculptures by Lac Viet Hiep home, the air we saw worked very urgently. 7 craftsmen of the base you are trying to complete the shipment to the customer wooden Buddha statue in the city. "Listen to me very hard, requiring flexibility, creativity and most acumen in workers. Hold the piece of wood on hand, workers must know what to do with it. Who have engaged in this activity charming host and true passion, if not it is difficult with its long-term commitment "- Association said.
Association he was all in a family with three brothers. Association Father unfortunate sequelae affected by the war time, left eye blindness, amputated left arm should just play around with light work. The whole family looks on your career as a mother with rent, what makes anyone cry measure. "Me To toil all day while his father's health getting worse, especially at the same time the wind farm to the sky. In 6th grade I, that I love carving, for my father asked for training in wood shop right next door "- Association recalled.
Initial apprenticeship because there are not smooth outside school time, the Agreement and the children have to take care of father mother side. Completed Year 9, Association for holidays and decided to spent time studying the sculptures. Inquisitive spirit lodge plus observation and creativity of his pupil was convinced shop owners sculpture.
Heavy heart for the poor
With 20 million capital flows accumulated after 3 years of work, in 2010, the Association decided to open a wooden sculpture base in Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province. One hand and amuse Association do everything from sourcing of raw materials, machinery procurement, processing and products to sales. "The first time, products made by burning breakthrough so are no customer base. The majority of market orders at the base by the worker can not tolerate too few "- Hiep said.
2013, the Association decided to return home to Que Son, land lease up the foundations and fine art sculptures called Lac Viet on the area of 90 m2. Learn from previous failures, in addition to strongly change the way marketing agreement also researched, diversified products to attract customers. In addition to the main product is the Buddha statue base pair also produced more questions, horizontal wall ... skillful hands, creativity, especially the passionate young boss helped make the product stand out thoughtful, soulful. For her efforts, only a short time, visitors come to Vietnam facility Us to order more.
When orders from Danang, Ho Chi Minh City is also the time many start hiring more workers Association, mainly in local youth drop out of school or do not have a steady job. Day after day, the young boss brought handing his heart for junior hunters ages. Sincerity of the Agreement that has helped 30 local youth have stable jobs, income per month over 5 million / person. "Vocational training for children, I think it's simply their responsibility to their homeland" - Association says.
Each month, except from land rental costs, the Forerunner, ... dining establishments Us Vietnam can collect nearly 20 million. 2013, the basis of the Agreement obtained over 200 million east - what any young man yet, especially in the countryside, providing all of Your Dreams. Lam "boss" just good job Association has been generous to many people as well as local government loved, respected. That is the spirit dose Association helps more confident choices on your body. 

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