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The dried bananas idea is rubbish, but through the skillful hands of the people of Van Cam (Cam Thuy district, Thanh Hoa) has become the handicraft products help hundreds of households out of poverty.
Van Cam is not difficult to see many images of the mother, the sister, the students sat knitting those plying the lanes, shopping bag from dried bananas. One thing this old idea to just walk away, through the talented hands of the people here have become one of the handicraft items of export value; resolve employment for hundreds of workers in rural communes.
  Pham Thi Van, Bell Hill Village, Van Cam said: "I apprenticed in 2009. Previously family of poor families, lacking life, the seek time of agriculture not know what to do to increase income, improve family life. Knowing social classes taught weaving products from bananas, I make an application under the right school. "
After a period of apprenticeship, so far, she has knitted hundreds Van basket of bananas, income from this job has helped her family build more spacious house and have enough money to put their children to school .
Like Ms. Van, where hundreds of farmers out of poverty and from the profession. Skilled people every day can be a woven, earn 14.000d, compared with a remote agricultural commune is not a small amount.
Over the past 2 years, the craft of making furniture and crafts from dried bananas became the "savior" of the people in Van Cam harvest time, contributing to poverty reduction, improve their lives. Next time, local authorities and local people also desire to bring products to the broader market, go out of your country.
Stories do people in other localities in the district as well as the people in the neighboring districts also come to learn how to apply at their local. To help people improve their skills, vocational training center in Cam Thuy district was associated with enterprise Hang Shan, TP. Thanh Hoa handing classes held at the Van Cam, Cam Yen, Son Cam, Cam Ngoc ...
Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa, business owners said: "Initially, we will support all dry ingredients and bananas steel frame for raw goods before you do, then do some other designs to order goods. We want women to maintain and develop this village, because this is one of those jobs created handicraft products to meet market demand in the country but especially towards the market schools abroad, such as Taiwan and Japan ... ".
Mr. Truong Cong Hoa, Van Cam Chairman said: From 2009 to present, shall coordinate with the district's vocational training center has opened 3 class taught weaving mats, baskets of bananas attracted over 100 participants Family. To encourage people, society members also support 15.000d/ngay/hoc. Currently, in the commune has about 60 households were accepted as fine art products from bananas. Weaving dried bananas could create jobs for hundreds of workers in the commune.


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