Petal colors on wooden handicraft villages


Tu Son town has 30 villages, including 15 villages wooden handicraft production. Just to the traditional Lunar New Year, all the villages busy producing goods for the market. In addition to rebranding, as selling Chinese New Year products, create jobs, increase incomes for workers, it is also the traditional culture of the people of the village when the New Year, spring.

Dong Ky wooden handicraft which has long been known tingle consumers appreciate both wood quality, sophistication and aesthetics on each product. The village mechanic with skillful hands, meticulously sculpted features a unique pattern or depict dragons, the, phoenix, flowers, animals mighty, supreme spirit beings in forming legendary ... wooden handicraft products range from common products such as beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs ... the interior decorations such as paintings, statues and worshiping them unique, aesthetically pleasing high.
The unique features of the product is Dong Ky wooden handicraft clever combination between traditional and modern, well-suited to consumer trends and customer tastes. Therefore, every year, the tour company has put a lot of foreign tourists such as Japan, Korea, USA, UK, Netherlands ... to visit and explore the village.
Preferred customers, reach the village, many households and businesses have opened shop here, trading offices in all provinces in the country and many countries around the world. So, Dong Ky wooden handicraft are not only popular in domestic market but also reach out to the foreign market. Along with that, the business activities of the village also constantly evolving. According to statistics, currently Dong Ky wards more than 90% of households and more than 200 manufacturing enterprises, business furniture and fine art.
Vu Quoc Vuong, chairman of Dong Ky Wood said: "For years, craft art furniture manufacturing has become thriving career of Dong Ky. However, the village was inevitable ups and downs. Especially the last 2 years, the village had to "buckling" to confront the many challenges because of market volatility. Not many businesses and households of the village fell into "shedding" ...
But at the end of this year, these difficulties are gradually pass away and the village showed signs of recovery. "
Seize the opportunity in new, more focused basis of human accelerated production offset the losses previously created difficulties. As a result, revenue from production and business of the village has grown over the previous year (both estimated at 1030.7 billion, an increase of 12.4% over 2012). Although not "prosper" as at the time of the year ... but 2007- 2010 compared with 2012, this is a positive sign, adorned contribute outstanding New Year spring.
Just as Dong Ky, this festival people in the villages produce fine wood craft in the town were busy producing goods for the market. Although "the year before, the New Year," but at the base of wooden handicraft production in Huong Mac, Phu Khe Tam Son ... hardworking workers still employed.
Ms. Bui Thi Huynh, the owner of wooden handicraft program in Huong Huynh excited Mac said: "the first occasion, a product filled with workshops such as sales, but recent months, not only sold out of inventory I also reinforced that these workers do not have enough product to sell. "
According to Mr. Tran Viet Combs, Head of Economics town, after a long quiet period, recent trading activity in manufacturing wooden handicraft villages have positive signs. Perhaps due to the Chinese market where the major consumer-product of the village (usually about 70%, the peak period of up to 80% of their products) after a long time to narrow the recently opened back; purchasing power in the domestic market has increased more than plus the efforts of businesses in the manufacturing business has given valuable furniture and fine art products both of the town in 2013 was estimated at 2,000 billion (by almost 1 / 3 value and small-scale industrial production of town), up 14.3% from 2012 and create jobs for many workers in the local and international. These results contribute to the goal of the town's small-scale industry in 2013 (the year is considered the difficulties and challenges in the field of industrial production and small-scale) with a total value of production whole industry production is estimated at 7,025 billion, up 14% compared with the year plan and up 16.7% compared with 2012.
A longer spring back. Tet this year, people in the villages of wooden handicraft town even more excited about the positive categories of market data. Seize this favorable opportunity, believe that the village of the town will be devoted rebound stronger, more successful in 2014, contributing to enrich, enhance the country, home.

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