Production of handicrafts: The impermeable barrier


In addition to capital constraints, scale, technology ... product design issues monotonous, slow improvements made handicraft products (TCMN) of the village less competitive. The value of export contracts of enterprises (companies) are generally lower than Vietnam and countries like China, Thailand, Indonesia ... though the same quality even higher.


Monotonic models: chronic disease

From the beginning of the year, our country has two international fair is organized for industry TCMN (International Furniture Fair and exporting handicrafts Vietnam, international fairs TCMN Goods, furniture and gifts Vietnam 2010). Before the fair, the promotion to attract importers from major markets such as the U.S., Europe, Japan ... pretty frantic, but the local unit is not exhibiting there are many new products to "entertain". The TCMN industry experts believe that long monotonous design has become a chronic disease of the village. The investment is not reasonable for the design team, training and retraining of skilled labor, especially in the survey was that markets are less competitive products.

Rattan Association, Hanoi pulpit, over time, produced in the village TCMN difficult, especially the creation of new product designs. The member companies of the Association still mainly produce processed form available by ordering partner, less creative or just know "clones" of the foreign samples. Less attractive models while growing export market difficult, so rattan, bamboo association very difficult to compete on the international market. If signed export contracts, the price is generally about 30% lower than the same products of other countries such as China, Thailand ...

The village of Phu Vinh export as Chuong My district, Phu Tuc Phu Xuyen district (Hanoi) ... also for this reason that slide into slump. Trade Promotion Department (Ministry of Trade and Industry) said that foreign customers rated TCMN of our country's weakest design. About 85% of the sample code TCMN exporter of goods manufactured according to buyer's samples. This dependence is a barrier that the industry into a situation of instability, life precarious workers. Representative Bat Trang Ceramics Association, said so far the village do not have a ceramic center design template. The sample gift offers foreign partners of Vietnam lacks distinctions, similar designs of China, Thailand. Thus, the last year of Bat Trang village enterprises lost 70-90% of orders overseas partners.

Need to create the initiative

The severe shortage of designs according to modern trend, bringing Vietnam appearance is a matter of urgency in the industry TCMN. It is known enter the U.S. each year 13 billion TCMN goods, but goods of Vietnam accounts for only 1.5%; EU market annually consumes more than $ 7 billion, while customer Vietnam accounted for only 5.4%. Therefore, to enhance competitiveness, export capacity for domestic goods TCMN, in addition to regional construction planning materials, improving product quality, innovation oriented professional models need to be top concern. In particular, the sustainable development of the craft should be developed according to a long-term process scientifically, with the participation of researchers who produce TCMN, functional sectors. Accordingly, the artists need to focus intellectual creation of the new model to make high quality products, reasonable prices, relative to traditional, local history. Functional departments should monitor the quality and prices of products, plates prestigious certification, quality products TCMN; copyright protection for designs, products registered copyright protection, avoid duplication, piracy, counterfeiting ...

Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade has developed projects to build traditional villages MPC approval process. In the immediate future the Department will enhance the village in support of training, skills development, designing new products TCMN modernized, but retains the cultural characteristics of different regions. Later this year, the Association TCMN Vietnam Exports will launch Human Resource Training Center and TCMN designer; on that basis the design of domestic training in the major import markets of our country such as Japan, America, Germany, Holland ... The construction of models, the variety of shapes for products TCMN will enhance the value of those goods on the world market and contribute to the conservation and development of traditional villages of the nation.

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