Quang Nam - Land of culture, academia land


No noisy or too quiet Danang yen as Hue, Quang Nam always gives visitors the feeling stayed separate beauty from deep cultural values and features simple but very generous man and nature. Take a visit here to explore the land and proud culture - academic Land - Land spiritual masterpiece.
Receipt of Champa culture, and even then, very soon, people on the new land of Quang Nam is the first Vietnamese exposed to Western culture through traders, missionaries; then to the Chinese, the Japanese, through gate of Hoi An. The interaction with many different cultural streams that have left their mark shades on all aspects of social life, expressed in the form of folklore.
Coming to Quang Nam, visitors will have the exciting experience of lifestyle, friendly and rustic life of people in Quang Nam; be immersed in ancient space, peaceful ancient town of Hoi An - which has been Wanderlust Travel Magazine voted the favorite city in the world in 2012.
 Hoi An tourist attraction by the ancient definition of small houses, moss located adjacent to each other. Entering the old town, you'll aback by an isolated world, separated from everything and destructive flow of time. There was no roaring engines nor the mystery lights glowing brand. All have lagged far behind, both space and time are deposited in the folds of the antique wood, Cau pagoda, ancient two-story row house backs the Huai river, the clubs are quietly exist ... in order to human memories of a time past. 

Visitors can admire the beauty sacred, mysterious My Son temples of the area. My Son Sanctuary is influenced by Indian architecture, more specifically, there is also a shrine building was built in the fourth century, is the first place of worship in the sanctuary area. Before each temple's main shrine, the Linga altar and a symbol of the god Shiva, the god of protection here is the king of Champa. Gods worshiped at My Son is Bhadresvara, the king who founded the first king of the late 4th century Amaravati associated with the name Siva, became the main religious worship - the king and the royal ancestors .
 Downstream of Tam Ky city and 7km west of Tam Ky, Phu Ninh lake shows up as an excuse lying size woman perched on green land of Quang. Harmony between the beauty of land, mountains, sky, Phu Ninh lake captivates visitors by picture wearing colorful but make our hearts pure. Viewed from above, Phu Ninh lake. This is considered a paradise for those who want to get away from the noisy urban place, to look to the pure, serene. Legend has it that where there has been a living village, but rising day by the lake, the village was steeped in water. And now, at the bottom of the lake, the village's buildings are still there. On the lake there are about 30 large and small islands, undulating, making a constant visitors captivated. 

 Quang Nam is a place to store hundreds of ancient Vietnamese architecture such as temples, pagodas, cultural temples, shrines, houses, ... dating back 300 -500 years ago. The monument is not only valuable cultural and artistic but also an important historical significance, reflecting the long development of a hand in the culture. The ancient capital of Tra Kieu Khuong My eczema towers, Dan Fried, An Bang, Dong Duong Buddhist Institute ... places the brilliant marking the Sa Huynh culture, Champa, Dai Vietnam. 

Cultural values of Quang Nam not only shines from the ancient buildings but also created by the colors unique culture hidden in the customs, practices, festivals. Quang Nam festival is very rich and diverse. The festival of mountain people, coastal, agricultural festivals, religious festivals, ... bring all elements of religion, spirituality, held regularly every year to pray for good weather air wind, prosperous country; to praise the ancestors; towards the roots, ethnic and traditional expressed desire to reach leg - good - fine people here.
Quang Nam is home to several traditional villages were formed and evolved from many centuries. Gone through hundreds of thousands of years, and craft villages have existed and developed here as an inseparable part of the history of each village, the village's lands.
 In addition, the Food Culture Quang noodles, high floor Hoi An, calves burned pray, pork roll book, spring nuts, screws her breast, cauldron cakes, buns, cakes organization ... made distinctions of this land. 

The food into living soil Square, in the folk folk, to the spiritual - the heart of Quang Nam. These dishes from rustic to fancy that from eating processed and how the character Square: frugal, but generous sparingly, playful. Rustic, but bold. From scad fish rolls, fish sauce spinach "gin" (pure), chick dirt cake, Quang noodles to the iridescent gold thread, stuffing cow is burned inside the guava leaves, fragrant lemongrass leaves. Quang noodles is delicious now familiar in many parts of Vietnam, Pho Bac, no less, bun bo Hue, My Tho noodles ...
Said sub-region of Quang Nam culture must also mention cultural treasure its folk rhymes Square, go implantation date, date milling, to meet the water slapping, pounding rice Dating, Dating pounding lime, water cycling Dating, Dating drilling, meet three reasons, sing residue trembled, Ngai kernel, all tower with coral accent and dialect Square stocky, ... bold.
Take a time to Quang Nam to explore the beauty central strip of high rainfall where much sun "social navigation, social workers, social culture".

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