Quang Nam: Many villages rattan attract workers after Tet


Currently, bamboo and rattan growing in various localities of Thang Binh district (Quang Nam) and generate steady income, creating jobs for many workers. Especially, after the date of the Lunar New Year of the Dragon 2012, thousands of women enlist at work in the fields of spring also has to spare establishments rattan bamboo for the loading of outsourcing.
Many women who work away from doing business has stayed in the hometown of working atmosphere of the early days of real spring fun.
Mr. Truong Cong Thuan, Deputy Economy and Infrastructure Thang Binh District said district Craft rattan bamboo growing at 16 basis. Binh An own up to 6 basis to maintain regular employment for women, labor and employment stability. Mr. Thuan said: Chamber advocates are building a handicraft village of rattan extended here to the village of rattan from Binh to Binh An Que, further expand this business in order to resolve work for women workers. It is also implementing the policy of the State on the development of rural industries today.
We arrived rattan base of Tran Thi Hong Anh Thai village, Binh An commune really surprised about the woman in this poor village self-exploration, learning to give birth to a rattan base 's surface. He confided her: Farmers work hard but steady income so she decided to establish this facility to create jobs for women in local income.
Initial capital accumulation and preferential loans channeled through the Women's Union is over 20 million, she has a contract with the British company expert weaving rattan chairs, rattan chests, plastic chairs. Each month brings the average income of 1 million VND / labor, skilled people earning over 1.5 million. Also, take advantage of excess material, she also created the template for souvenirs sold at the ancient town of Hoi An to have more income.
Currently, you have the basis of her 50 employees work regularly, mainly women in the commune of Binh Nam, Binh Trung Sa Binh, Binh An (Thang Binh district) and Tam Thanh commune (Phu Ninh district) . Le Thi Huong was born in Tam Thanh, Phu Ninh district - who have 5 years with the sister facility of England said: Thanks to Hong Anh basis of her sisters that we have stable jobs, each days after the house was completed concerned, we come to knitting chair base, light work, not hard work as laborers in the field, or some of them have to work away from the south anymore .. ., but there is a stable source of income.
Ms. Hong He adds: For skilled and sisters, we are often the basis of coordination with the Office of Economic and Infrastructure Thang Binh classes improve skills rattan. Thus, in 2012, she plans to expand business investment, increasing the variety of goods to regular employment and stable for you. However, difficulties are encountered is the basis of lack of funds, so I need the help of the concerned industry related functions.
Currently rattan weaving in Binh An thrive. The commune has 6 base, creating jobs for over 1,000 local women workers. Nguyen Thi Hong Phuong, chairman of the Women's Union Peace said: Since its founding, the woven rattan base in the commune had more jobs for rural women. These workers earlier in the southern provinces to find work or you do not have a stable job, but now has been attached with rattan base, create a source of income, contributing significantly to the development home economics, poverty alleviation, stable life ... /.

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