Quilling tell you how to pair fabrics that beautifully easy


This is one of the many ways transplantation Quilling fabric that beautifully easy for you to get acquainted with Quilling confidence!


Quilling with easy piecing fabric that is beautiful, you should prepare the following materials:
- Cloth felt (need 2 color contrasting or harmonizing) is cut into small squares, and custom sizes depending on your intended use. For example, if you want to do is cut the lining of 10cm square edges - 12cm. If you do pincushion, you can use a smaller size.
- Sewing needles, pins, just the same color fabric, fabric scissors or knife, small buttons or beads of the same color accessories to decorate fabric, cotton stuffing (if needed)

Two guys on the diagonal square piece of labor, cut along the line, but not cut off, stopping the blades from the top of the right-angle 0.5cm long.

Place the piece of labor law has cut diagonally onto a piece of fruit color (or color combination can harmonize like the warm tones, cool tones together, same color but different density / light, ...). Stitched pieces bolted down the center of the upper stomach into the lower stomach piece with a X-shaped stitches, knotted tightly just behind.

Gently flip the top selvedge at the diagonal, deft strokes as lines for the bending of the contour petals, use pins to pin stability.

Use buttons or sewing stitches stitches sewn stable squeezed to just flip selvedge. After you turn off the selvedge stitching diagonally, you will see a beautiful rosette.

Quilling evening pieces were superimposed into a rosette above the other evening pieces.
Sewing around the edge of the fabric to create coasters or to leave a few inches and then stuffed the new finish sewing to create a small pincushion.

If the application is made Quilling fabric piecing pincushion, after soft stretch cotton stuffing, you stitch a decorative button in the center of the particle small pillow to create a concave bend the petals stand out on the canvas.

If applications do coasters, you should choose a contrasting color scheme to add to a lively little coasters.

A colorful coasters, fresh, lively and very easy Quilling. Quite interesting for those of you new to the fascinating art of Quilling.

Quilling proficient with your hands, you can apply for Quilling fabric piecing fabrics often but of course have to bend a little before the edge of the fabric to avoid furry fabric. Then transplant sewing fabric squares into pieces large enough for garment bag, pillow, or blanket gas are very nice! I wish you success!

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