Rattan and bamboo Xuan Hoi abroad


Bamboo and rattan exports in rural Spring Assembly (Lac Ve, Tien Du district, Bac Ninh) is attracting more than 700 regular workers and thousands more workers in the household. Bamboo and rattan has brought increased prosperity for its people.
Mr. Nguyen Duc Lap-Chairman ND Lac Ve said: "The commune has 3,354 households living in the area of 6 villages. During that 40-50% of the employed labor rattan, concentrated in rural Spring Society. incomes per worker 3 - 3.5 million dong / month ".

30% of GDP from rattan society
According to Mr. Lap, Xuan Hoi most people know as bamboo and rattan. His father handing down to our children ... There was a period of job tomorrow, but thanks to the efforts of the Party, the government and local people, the 1990 vocational rehabilitation and development back. The commune has 1 company and 2 village cooperatives. Revenues from bamboo and rattan contributes about 30% of GDP commune. Main products are all kinds of basket analysis, flower bouquets, flower vases, household products ... Show all products people Xuan Hoi was sold to Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine, South Korea ...
To help people improve their skills and stable production, in 2012, the ND Guard in cooperation with Lac Co. Jade Bamboo and rattan export decision be held 17 training classes locally and establishment of production. The organization collecting the product stand out, lo output for these items.
Mr. Dang Ngoc Hung - Secretary of Spring Village Association, said: Previously the village only a few dozen workers rattan, then today this profession has attracted more than 700 regular employees, not to mention the seasonal workers.
Home restored traditional craft
We visited Bamboo and Rattan Co., Ltd. exports Jade decision. Mr. Dang Ngoc Decision - Director of the Company said: "Before 2009, I went in Quang Ninh coal merchant. Every occasion of his visit to the country people see life difficult, but a lot of idle time, available knowledge traditional occupation of his father, I decided to quit working away from home to restore traditional crafts ".
Mr. Nguyen Duc Lap - Lac Chairman ND Guard said the objective of the communal village of Xuan Hoi develop towards high-tech products, create separate models to cater for tourism; as office equipment, household appliances activity ...
Along with nine relatives living in villages, he created a cooperative decision rattan. 8.2011 to month, the company he founded Bamboo and rattan exports with 1,500 workers in households in the area 4 district (Tien Du, Que Vo Thuan Thanh, Yen Phong) and more than 20 permanent workers at the company.
He said the decision, workers at the company mainly finishing products such as washing glue, varnish ... scan for raw products produced in the household moved to. This job can be done any time of day, can enlist as harvest time at home. Each day, one strong skilled labor could be 40 small flower vases, sale prices for 3200 at the same company / product, excluding the cost of day to about 100,000. Private companies, the high season revenue to 700-800 million / month.
Not only people in the working age but the elderly, students can also participate in craft making. Ms. Nguyen Thi Men (44) Spring Village Association, said: "More than two years now, and my son is in grade 8 received about knitting materials enlist evening, the monthly average was 3 million, becoming the main source of family income. "

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