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Through the skilled hands and creative minds of craftsmen, this natural substance lieuthien turned into useful products for human doisong, from the smallest things like the bathroom, the basket dennhung product page both interior and architecture, the residence cacngoi ... If handled properly technical, rattan products dankhong the value using the actual art with unique features that conco durability hundreds year.

Today, rattan, bamboo, nuatruyen system goes beyond the bamboo village with many provinces, thanhtrong country, even across the ocean to come up with five friends chau.Cung with the prevalence of style minimalist interior, hiendai but must satisfy all of the power supplies, dungmay tend to use bamboo in combination with other materials such as copper, iron, silk ... datao should the consumer with the product distinctive, unique and that no less sangtrong effective part.
Please invite you to participate khaomot some common products from rattan as well as methods of coastal protection quande do more for their nest.

Sofavoi yellow-brown elegant and refined curves tese create a romantic space equally khachcua your modern room. At the same time, the rattan bed blanket with soft mausac bring warm enough for the employer in the cold winter day.

Boban chair from rattan material not only feels smooth easy part chiuma also adds elegance to your interior space.

As wellas the supplies of wood, bamboo and rattan furniture should be cleaned regularly to sethuong shine. You can be polished or painted phetchung to help increase longevity. However, dark clouds noithat rider for the wet bamboo. Water will ruin your sofa could bring makho be repaired.

Here are some tips to help you clean bamboo furniture safely:

- Should be cleaned with a small broom or soft cloth to avoid scratching or rubbing scratch items.

-Avoid spilling chemicals on supplies. Unfortunately, if you do roimot purple ink drops onto his chair, quickly wipe the ink right detranh seep into the material as it will be difficult to erase.

- Dungvai soft or absorbent sponge rubber a little soapy water to clean, avoid using strong detergents as it will damage the surface of sanpham.

- Cleaning supplies at least once in year 1, you can use the computer to dust and dirt in the cracks.

-Bamboo Furniture suitable only for indoor display, dechung avoid direct exposure to rain or sunlight.

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