Rattan vast overseas


Made from pieces of bamboo familiar, to our surprise, the Hue bamboo and rattan products are now available across five continents and customers worldwide popularity.
Father transmission, the connection
Holding a lantern hard to claw shaped curves and bamboo blinds to honor traditional beauty of this product, bamboo and rattan artisans Thai Phi Hung queer about weaving and memories traditional villages Bao La old. Established 600 years ago, rattan handicraft villages in Quang Phu Bao La (Quang Dien) a stick and create hundreds of jobs for rural people. These familiar products, such as basketball, RA, baskets, ... celebrate indispensable in every household. Every newspaper La has beautiful, durable and well-known medium everywhere. He read the poem we hear the oral tradition of the village: "How is the night out baskets containing powder / Binh Dinh Chieu who my good / Temporary get money to buy some double / Take the hospitality Laos bed spreads orphan".

Then the high-quality plastic products, plastic recycling rushing appear on the market with cheap, abundant design and outstanding features should rattan and bamboo products suddenly become "removed". Craft also led thereby lost. In 2007, along with recovery plans and career development, traditional villages of the province plus passion and enthusiasm wants to revive traditional village "hereditary" the village of the vast and some rural areas in Quang Dien district, La cooperative bamboo and Rattan and Water Development Report was formally established. At first, the only cooperative manufacturing products for agriculture, such as the type of basketball, RA, baskets, happy, sieves ... These products though exquisitely beautiful models where only around the street stalls and village markets. No bear arms crossed looking village deadlock, the artisans have researched, creative and design new models to meet the diverse needs of the market.

After 7 years of development, the Vast Bamboo and Rattan cooperative design and produce nearly 500 new models, sophisticated, serving the needs of the consuming provinces in both domestic and export. On average, each year cooperative design and template for the new furnace 7-10. In addition to the products serve the needs of the agricultural population, the cooperative has produced all kinds of lanterns, bags, vases, fans spokes, birdcage, SOPA and furniture items within the hotel serving , restaurants and cafes.
Visit La Cooperative Bamboo and Rattan Covered in a New Year's Day 2014, in front of me is a product display brings together over a thousand products with style, eye-catching designs. Our factory covers approximately 500 square meters with nearly 100 workers are plying the bamboo boats, spokes or lantern fan. Nguyen Thi Hoa, a worker engaged on the job 20 years led said: "Products now has outlets should work quite stable, high income than farming. To make the product more attractive, in addition to working in co-operative time, evening and sisters here to learn more advantage of the new model, see Korean movies, Japanese lanterns that can form any fan or bamboo pretty easy to do the research together to quickly produce new products. "
Reaching to the sea
Bamboo plants are attached to village life how to become beauty and traditional culture of the Vietnamese people. Bamboo grows around the house, around the garden, around the village streets, alleys and how materials should things seemed simple but very necessary. Rustic products that are now available in hotels, large restaurants in Europe and many countries around the world. The lanterns, chandeliers and lamps made of bamboo bed majestically in a large hotel in Japan, South Korea ... not only honor Hue bamboo and rattan products, but also promote the image of the country and its people Vietnam.
Vo Dinh Van, Chairman Bao La Cooperative Bamboo and Rattan said: "Through Co. Van Xuan Quang Binh and several partners in Ho Chi Minh City, 2013 rattan products produced by cooperatives production and exports have a foothold in the domestic market. According to the assessment, bamboo and rattan products are exported to Hue partners receive for good design, sophisticated but affordable. 2014, promoting cooperative design, creating new models to serve the domestic market and to continue to supply goods exporters to the European market. "
2014, along with the design template to serve export and supply for the provinces in the country, promoting cooperative housing project built showroom and shopping attractions serve visitors calendar. The scheme has a total budget of 5 billion and is the functional departments of research and cunning coffee. Preparing for Hue Festival 2014, the cooperative will produce thousands of new designs, crafted to serve visitors and exhibitors to promote their brand on domestic and foreign tourists.
Parting villages Bao La rattan and Water Development in the spring sunshine, holding the sophisticated products are made from bamboo tradition, I really excited and proud of the traditional village home. Not only serve the needs of living and agricultural production as before, rattan products now are "hot" at the hotel, the restaurant across five continents, bringing joy and promoting the identity Vietnam culture to international friends.

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