Recipes using small furniture for narrow


The furniture in the home or small items will need good ideas to unleash its effects in a cramped space.
Each small corner in your house will become more cheerful when the presence of green vegetation. Despite living in a city apartment or cramped, you can bring a "shadow" of flowers at home.

For moments of relaxation with nature right in the room in the house, you can take advantage of the small furniture wisely and efficiently.
1. The living room decorated with a spiral shelf
The small shelf design was inspired by a spiral staircase is the "place" ideal for placing these cute little flowers to decorate the living room more impressive.
The shelves are not only beautiful and unique but interesting shapes with its versatile role, Flower can, or can also be the place for magazines, books or ...
2. Bedroom decorated with iron glass table
Instead of a snapping or nightstand, iron table art "plump" fits extroverted style bedroom.
Besides, the sunset will be more romantic than when you sat sipping coffee next to this cute little table.
3. Fancy tea table in the living room
Sedge material always gives your living room comfortable and cozy. The chair, tea table is made from materials that are suitable rush in the room or garden-style meditation.
Just a small rug, a bottle of white orchids with a small tea tray will make the conversation more comfortable and more fun.
4. Use cartridges made rattan furniture tea table
The glove box is shaped rattan square fit was very pleasant atmosphere, in natural living room.
The rattan box not only a place to store toys, but also acts as a tea table for living space more beautiful and personality.


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