Remove difficulties for development of bamboo and rattan village


Not only is the land of the rural human naive, studious tradition, also known as Lap Thach village with the famous rattan Xa Zhao, Xuan Lan, Nhat Tan. But before the process of urbanization, modernization rapid,, rattan village in Lap Thach traditions are facing difficulties.

Being a mountainous district faces many difficulties, Lap Thach more favorable conditions for the development of traditional bamboo and rattan as raw material availability, hardworking people, hard. So far, the district has three villages rattan is recognized as a traditional craft village, Trieu Commune (Million Recommended), and Nhat Tan Xuan Lan (Van Quan). The main products of the village are glad pannier baskets, cages ....
According to people in the three villages, said: rattan craft had for so long, only produce the harvest time, but this extra job giving farmers an income is not small. Especially after the season ended, the young and old villages are busy with bamboo and rattan. By this time the village is not difficult to catch sight of the Gospel basket, baskets of presentation is listed in the outside courtyard, old photographs, children busy, with young bamboo work, weaving slices. Mr. Vu Van Tho, Nhat Tan village (Van Quan) said: "In addition to time in the fields, I have 3 family workers, providing income enlist 300-500 thousand / day / household. It can be said, though the sideline, but the main source of family income. My 3 children into the school, but also from the profession. "
One of the major advantages of the village there is abundant material resources in place. The basic materials of villages are rattan, bamboo is planted throughout the garden, village street alleys of the village. Poetry he adds, "Besides the bamboo and rattan in the social we can easily buy raw materials in the neighboring commune, 1 bamboo at an average price of 30-40 thousand, but after giving finished value of about 200 thousand ". Reportedly, in recent years, at Ngoc America (Lap Thach) deployment model has grown under the canopy of the cloud forest with total area of 50 hectares, providing ample cloud material resources available not only in the district, but also to other districts.
Although instantly recognizable as traditional villages, there are many conditions to grow, but so far, including rattan 3 villages in Lap Thach also no change, significant break. According to Nguyen Truong Giang, deputy chairman of the Farmers' Van Quan said: "Currently, all the steps in making rattan local tradition still crafted by hand, these types of machines such as primary cloud processing, filtering nan has yet to be invested and put to use. "Do not just make craft labor productivity is not high quality but not guaranteed. It is known, although the clouds trees in the village are not uncommon, but to have materials to produce bamboo and rattan exports for households employed in Xuan Lan (Letter Shop) still have to import semi-processed rattan from high Rooms (River Lot).
Not only that, the bamboo and rattan village in Lap Thach also faced difficult market. Reportedly, the village is still largely subsistence. The traditional products such as baskets Gospel, baskets, cages, ... Optical pairs sold in markets or through dealers district. The amount of product sold is not stable, depending on the time, season, only a part of the bamboo and rattan exports of consumption ordering company, but due to market rattan exports have not real stability, as well as through many intermediaries to economic efficiency, less high. Besides, according to Mr. Vu Cao Khai, Deputy Head of the Commercial Lap Thach district: "The bamboo and rattan products are not currently competitive with other provinces markets, especially in competition with the basketball, plastic weaving nets are flooding the market. "
For households engaged in bamboo and rattan in the area, which is a production of the problem. According Poetry: "Although bamboo and rattan does not require heavy investment, but if you do not have the capital to buy raw materials, machinery and equipment, it is difficult to expand production and development". In addition, the current transport problems in rural villages is also a big obstacle. Pham Thi Hong Nhung (Van Quan) said: "Currently the narrow roads, making it difficult for traders who buy, the traders are very difficult to put into shipping cars that usually transported by car machine, go back very cumbersome but not much volume per trip. "
Is a traditional village, giving people in the village are not small incomes, create jobs for harvest labor, but according to Pham Huy Activities, Vice President Trieu Recommended: Young people today less enthusiastic about traditional rattan and bamboo, if not go to high school as well as outside the company, as well as lower commodity prices, people buy less, output stability should not quit a lot of people.
Given the problems of villages, Making Plaster has implemented many effective solutions, to support and encourage development of villages. Khai said: "The district was combined with industrial and commercial establishments planned to remove difficulties for the village by finding outlets for products, job training classes, to improve the skills of good design, meet export market, with policies to encourage traders, importers in consumption for the people ".
To craft rattan Lap Thach really an effective direction and sustainable in the future, as well as government workers should have more attention and investment, promoting the application of advanced science and technology, put the machine into production towards the manufacture of products that require sophisticated, skilled, reducing time and labor.

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