Revive a village


For over 100 years, traditional weaving village of Thai America (Cu Chi district., Ho Chi Minh City) is specialized in manufacturing where products wicker rattan, bamboo such as furniture, handbags, nia, Creel ... meet consumer demand and export rattan products for domestic and international markets.

According artist Cao Thi Cu (86, Binh Thuong Hamlet 2), from the ancient village was sharply divided each village producing a specialized product such as baskets, nia, baskets ... Basketry capital is not it difficult to land from the elderly to young Thai My job anyone can do. In particular Cu family, from the sons and daughters of the daughter in law, sons in law, grandchildren, grandchildren are very skilled.

For the production of raw materials, Thai villagers American main advantage of the empty plots around the house, backyard, the fields for planting bamboo. As the plants mature, they are tightly woven materials to work with so many different processes such as sawing, lapping bamboo into tiny pieces lengthwise, then split spokes and knitting. Complete product traders in the area until collectors, selling local neighborhood. Over time, the market of Thai villages America is expanding into the provinces of the Mekong Delta and Southeast.

There have been times, weaving Thai America flourished, the loading of the pile and sold in just one day. However, the tastes of the economic market opening move into popular plastic products made from aluminum because of its usability. Even so, the village has not stop working one day and Thai American people remain deeply attached to bamboo, pineapple architecture, the dust clouds to the nature wicker products and applications step by step "conquer" the market domestic as well as overseas.

      My Thai Village weaving is being revived and developed more than 250 households with regular production. Second base, is now coordinating the production, gathering goods for export to markets in Taiwan, Japan ... to attract more than 1,000 local employees participate.
(According to Ms. Pham Thi Hieu, Vice Chairman of Thai My commune, Cu Chi district., Ho Chi Minh City)
Moreover, the American people also creative Thai and lapping machines designed bamboo and laminated brim, shorten production steps materials woven products. In 2007, Le Vinh Hanh (My Khanh village A) invented the lapping machine with a capacity of bamboo bamboo material handling, power structures of 15 people per day. To meet the needs of large producers of Thai American people, he Hanh remaining 20 locomotives imported machines from Taiwan split spokes, closed woven material production. Currently, the production facility of Le Vinh Hanh has 25 regular labor, specialized in manufacturing and supplying weaving material for most households in the village.

Visit a rattan, bamboo, leaves the Dragons (My Khanh village A) of Le Thi nudge entrepreneurs (58 years old) knows best revival of a traditional village how strong. Factories and warehouses across 3ha of her nature now closed restaurant because inventory is seasonal (usually from November to February the following year). She said her current facility producing bamboo baskets only exported to Taiwan market with 50 employees, achieving productivity each day from 1200-1500 the average income per person of between 5 and 6 million / month, not to mention they do enlist more rows of idle time. Each year, the export base of her bamboo basket continuously from February to October, every month from 30-40 heavy container. According to her experience from many years ago, to harvest cabbage in Taiwan, the basis of Ms. Xue goods should not be done prior to stocking. When in season, working as well as storage volumes associated with new regulatory demands of partners. To reserve this volume, she nudged taken daily knitting materials for each household, rent them woven into the exchange then buy back at a higher price.

My Thai government social time combined with the Women's Union is lobbying members relative increase production to village development commensurate with the potential of local, while preserving traditional remote ancestors old leaves. With the financial support of policies PPC. Ho Chi Minh City, village weaving are traditional Thai Americans each day changes in production techniques, processing products and designs to meet the essential needs of large markets both domestically and abroad.

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