Search for development in difficult rattan


To develop rattan industry in a sustainable manner to the close collaboration between the objects in the industry value chain. In such necessary role of the state, businesses and farmers. This is also the reason for Vietnam Rattan Network launched recently in Hanoi.
Although no complete statistics on the volume of cloud resources, but long in Vietnam has recorded 6 with just 30 species of rattan in nature distributed in many places, many of which focus on 3 regions: North West; North Central Zone 4 and older; Central and South Central.
In the past decades, due to the mining and export (export) of raw materials massively, lack of planning and resource management to natural rattan from Vietnam have been exhausted. In many areas of traditional materials such as rattan Phu Tho, Thai Nguyen, Yen Bai ... natural rattan species are in danger of extinction.
Facing this reality, the raw material for production, several years ago, we became interested in the work of regeneration, regeneration and new planting trees in various forms clouds intensive, intercropping or model agro - forestry. However, according to experts in this field, we have only just begun the first step, the shortage of raw material supply in the country worsened, many units had to import raw materials.
Contrary to the situation said on material production, at present, there are up to 2,017 villages with various types such as household production, production teams, cooperative groups, cooperatives, private enterprises, in that village weaving bamboo, rattan (collectively referred to as rattan, bamboo knitting) had the largest number with 713 units, accounting for 24% of the total number of villages.
Although this village attracts a large labor force, about 350 thousand people and products not only meet the domestic demand which has been exported to over 120 countries and territories around the world with needle exports averaged $ 200 million in recent years (in 2007 reached 219 million, in 2008 was over 250 million dollars). However, in terms of the proportion of the national business sector is not too small compared to other sectors such as construction, commercial ... Moreover, the majority of businesses in this sector is still in development rules small. Over 80% of the production facilities is not enough capital to technical innovation, expand production scale. Thus, most of the technology used, obsolete equipment, labor productivity, and low product quality. Furthermore, because of the lack of co-ordination of technical sciences, culture ... so the lack of diversity in design, competitive restrictions on the mayor both domestic and export.
Find your way "escape"
The lack of raw materials, especially for rattan, bamboo has been warning for 10 years but unfortunately until now there is no program or plan satisfactory to resolve such difficulties. Although some provinces have also issued guidelines and seedlings to farmers but only succeed in making rattan ... create barriers rather than raw materials for export. This is acknowledged by many professionals and businesses when it comes to issues of water supply of materials. Some businesses have built projects on a large scale rattan but to date have rules on capital and hardly get any support or concerns of the industry functions.
Do not deny that many models have appeared rattan trials, but only stopped at test level, or form, but the production on a small scale and can not meet the demand for raw materials production. In addition, villages, rattan business encounters many other difficulties, especially in the capital. When businesses have to contract only one portion of the money, but they have quite a high proportion of producers should be very difficult for working capital. The ability to understand the market, product branding, promotion of the fledgling businesses. Most of the manufacturing companies are under foreign models or parody and processing for foreign corporations should be forced prices. On the other hand, participation in exhibitions and trade fairs at home and abroad of the rattan companies limited by weak financial resources ...
To overcome these difficulties, according to many experts, we need to review and adjust the land use planning, from which to plan specific clearance support units require production sites . At the same time need to strengthen vocational training, team building artisans, supporting regional construction materials businesses, particularly in developing areas of materials focused enough to provide stable material for production. Provincial governments, districts create all conditions necessary to support the Joint Ventures regional construction materials (forest land allocation and long-term stability, participation in the program / afforestation projects export ...). Besides, the government should create favorable conditions for enterprises rattan access to credit sources and banking, enterprise support market development, Venture creating competitiveness.
Along with the strategies and policies to support domestic Nah, the village itself, rattan businesses also need more proactive in forming linkages, create collective power in all stages of the value chain value of their products.
Viewable Association events exports handicrafts Vietnam (VIETCRAFT) in collaboration with research centers and support the development of traditional craft villages of Vietnam (HRPC) Network launches cloud Vietnam (Vietnam Rattan Network), a member of the global Network Cloud (global Rattan Network) recently in Hanoi is a positive move. Key members of the Cloud Network of Vietnam including: the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Industry and Commerce (the Department of Local Industry) Association of exporting handicrafts Vietnam (VIETCRAFT), Research Center Support and develop traditional craft villages of Vietnam (HRPC), Department of Agriculture and rural Development and the Department of Trade and Industry's 22 provinces with the cloud material resources, the major importers, exporters rattan handicrafts, the base material processing, the material collection facilities, providing similar facilities, equipment suppliers, the units (hospital) study, experts clouds , international donors ... the main objective of the Network to support the provinces in the planning and management of cloud resources, the development of new cloud material, technical manual cultivation, processing techniques turn advanced and environmentally friendly, the information relating to market rattan handicrafts in the world ...
Through its network of cloud Vietnam, members also have the opportunity to link research, visit and learn the cloud model in the world, the opportunities for trade promotion in key markets, the opportunity to provide financial support, equipment ... for development and processing of raw materials in the local cloud.
Hopefully, with the proper understanding of the status and position of Vietnam rattan industry, with both positive actions of the State, enterprises and farmers, in the future, manufacturing TAC domestic rattan exports will grow rapidly and sustainably

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