Source material for bamboo and rattan village commune Tang Tien, Vietnam Yen district


From Bac Giang city along route 1A new Bac Giang - Hanoi is about 7km turn right to social Increase Tien, Vietnam Yen district. Increase Progress with 5 rural commune, is particularly popular two villages Phuc Phuc Long and Tang with traditional bamboo and rattan. Products include baskets, happy, baskets, gradually, clinical, boats ... each stick with people for thousands of generations. With deft hands and hard working nature, from the idyllic cloud bamboo fibers, close to the people, the people here have done a lot of products offer regular knitting for people in the region and in recent years also are exported to foreign countries. The volume of exports accounted for over 70% of social product.
With any public profession of product materials is also an extremely important issue, deciding the existence and development of this industry. Especially for traditional craft villages, the resource problem becomes doubly important. Source materials in traditional craft villages are usually available materials locally, process mining, transportation easy and convenient. By the feudal conditions previously spoke highly of the village closed, the transport, roads are trails, natural way of small trade faced many difficulties, the the development of a village without accompanying materials are an incredible job. Thus, before, if it comes to forging, we can understand that the area or the surrounding areas, including sizable mineral ores to supply raw materials to craft. Or talk to silk weaving can make sure that the mulberry silkworm rearing, reeling. For rattan products Increase Tien commune too. The name of the village rattan speaks quite clear and adequate sources of raw materials to create products of this village. It is rattan, bamboo, trees used. These are the traditional materials of bamboo and rattan village commune Increase Progress. We can see that the ingredients are easy to make and very familiar with how any Vietnam. In all these villages are ancient bamboo, used, or even bamboo has become a simile images go into people's minds when referring to Vietnamese villages. And rattan products is also not uncommon for the midlands as land adjacent mountainous Bac Giang. Can therefore understand why bamboo and rattan village alive through the centuries, along with the nation's history. But besides that also need to recognize that, with a raw material available and so rich, why only in new, incremental development of bamboo and rattan strong, long history. It is testament to the ingenuity, passion for the people here.
Primary source materials to make traditional handicraft products of the plant Tien commune used Increase, bamboo and rattan. However, due to the specific characteristics of the product that the material should have its own strict. Whether or bamboo is used to select the trees are straight alignment, not insects. These crops such as cane, tomorrow can not be used as raw materials in this profession. For bamboo, the bamboo 3 eyes also can not be used by thick bamboo line, bad body. Bamboo is used to create these products: baskets, SE, boats, penetrating, pole, pig cages, cigarettes plow, broom and scraper mouth other products. Until now, bamboo is also used to create these products is key. Formerly, to have bamboo basketry serve local, bamboo outside of the village, the village was going to buy bamboo in the surrounding villages, to make fair Accounting and elsewhere in the province. Young people go to Hop Tien, Xuan Luong, open the page, Huu Lung ... to buy bamboo, then put on ships to the village to sell to people.
When bamboo and rattan have a certain development, meet the needs of the consumer markets in and outside the province, the products of which the village is richer. Trees began to be used more and more users become major resource in the village today. These products are created from plants used as much as it is very straight culm plants, crackers beautiful smooth, supple, can be used to bend into products very carefully, without fear of breaking the small, difficult as breaking bamboo. Requirements when selecting plants used as straight, long aligned. Using the split must be very thin, smooth, swallowing, long but locals still referred to as small shrimp, meat justice. The type used in karst did not used to be that only exports to exquisitely woven, basket will because when it split spokes and disrupted or stripped, broken. Dungduoc tree used to generate a lot of famous products of the village such as nested tables, baskets, gradually, screening, posting, hot, Lithuania, warm area, shell posters, vases, lamps, candles, fan, disk, fatigue, cups and trays ...
In the past, villagers used to force the main cloud, the cloud should be exploited tree and purchase from multiple domain back to the village. Go after 1980, farmers in the region to switch to plastic instead of wire rope cloud, by this product scarcer and more expensive, while the nylon rope reasonable price, favorable for the preservation, ordinary consumer acceptance. So far, only the rattan product exports and new techniques used rattan goods. For rattan, people often choose Increasing clouds PhD grown in the delta, which is kind of cloudy Hung Yen. This type of cloud toughness, softness and the finished product is created yellow, white is preferred customers. As cloud types in karst cavities to amplify color and very hard to not be used as exports.
In recent times, due to the development of society, many local establishments and also for people to study the craft developed this household in their locality. Besides the development of economic life, society has turned many villages into towns and townships, the small town ... so more and more raw materials more difficult. Plants materials can not keep up with demand for the development of village production. To ensure sufficient resource serves Increase Tien commune people, committees, Tien commune government has proposed to increase the levels and branches to expand the functionality of raw materials, especially materials in place to meet the production needs of her children Increase Tien commune. It may be the region Tan Yen Yen Bac Giang because if the trees used in this locality will be appropriate to reduce shipping costs.
The local authorities of communes, districts, provinces are interested in the expansion and development of villages, especially the problem of raw materials and consumer products markets. Department of Science and Technology for the project, "the application of scientific and technical advances in order to improve product quality and develop industries in social rattan Increase Tien, Vietnam Yen district". Source materials for the production of bamboo and rattan in recent years been expanded so plentiful. Every year the midland and mountainous Bac Giang and Thai Nguyen, Hung Yen, Thai Binh provide approximately 15-20 million bamboo trees, chalk, ... provides about 500-1,000 tons exploit cloud standards . The hallmarks of Vietnamese bamboo and rattan as raw material consumption and waste very little scrap. Thus, materials provide abundant villages are now stable and meet customer requirements.
Currently, all the materials for the village are conveniently purchase at the market center of the commune. On fair days (5 days 2 sessions, on days 1, 4, 6, 9 ... lunar month), can find all the materials: bamboo, used, rattan, nylon cord, optical oil, coloring, decorative accessories for the product being sold is listed ... besides bamboo and rattan products of the village. Use bamboo tubes are not sold as before but sold by weight. Any old or young plants can be utilized as raw materials for the village. Nobody trees for sale, but after shipment to local, use the tree, bamboo will be cut into sections for sale.
Each product has its own raw material requirements, such as for tetanus can only use bamboo stem, near the middle of the bamboo stem is used for knitting waistband, on another stage can knit pig cages, the tip is used to craft 'waistband, made ... the pipe has a bad tree after buying about can not be used to eliminate the redundant passages, bad segments were collected to carry to sell to paper mills in Bac Ninh. The period of excess material is used as a family home burning materials should hardly have been removed as part of some other villages. People in the village to the market to sell their products and then make a purchase of local raw materials very quickly and conveniently. The more manufacturers can order up at the dealer or Trade Fair (Bac Giang city) to buy extra materials (optical oil, copper pipe has tip ...) buy will be cheaper. Generally when it comes to sources of raw materials for the village, the households in the area feel very pleased to be able to purchase very convenient, do not need to go far always have enough of the raw materials needed to craft.
With a guaranteed source of raw materials and markets are increasingly expanding current, bamboo and rattan village commune Increase Vietnamese Tien Yen district will increasingly sustainable development, keeping its position as a craft village sound system, a positive contribution to the process of economic development, social Bac Giang province.

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