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Recently, at the Peace Hotel (TP. Tay Ninh), Department of Science and Technology organized a scientific conference around solving the problem of water hyacinth proliferation packed on the Vam Co Dong River. Many ideas in many different perspectives were presented, showing that the problem of water hyacinth is no fear of anyone in particular.

Hyacinth on the Vam Co Dong River, running through the town of Dau.
VMC representative Tay Ninh Co. called hyacinth on the Vam Co Dong River "blue ice" and proposed salvage hyacinth finished, split into three categories: root used as organic fertilizer, building materials themselves unburned leaves can be composted organic microbial or animal feed. The company representative said that this is the optimal solution, ensuring harmony between the benefits and costs during performance of the contract between the government Tay Ninh with the Company.
Representatives of JSC Global Renewable Energy (GRE) - invested enterprises, application deployment process technology, recycling, renewable energy from hazardous waste and medical waste for that , can be turned into compost hyacinth solid and liquid fuel, desiccants, animal feed, fertilizer and biogas leaves. The company confirmed this solution to modernize the high and uniform, save time, solve part fertilizer for the fields, feed for livestock, renewable energy and environmental improvements.
Meanwhile, representatives of the University of Natural Resources and Environment City. Ho Chi Minh City proposed solution: water hyacinth after salvage, was transferred to the automatic cutting device according to the desired size, mixed with microorganisms and other materials to ensure moisture and balance the nutrients for microbial production of agricultural service. This technology has lower cost, can be applied in practice for all canals in the country.
Particularly representatives from the Institute of Southern Studies says irrigation, water hyacinth on the Vam Co Dong River is the source of methane generation potential enormous. With a fast growth, large biomass hundreds of thousands of tons, it is also a source of important organic materials to produce biogas and electricity production.
Associate Professor Dr Phung Chi Sy of the Institute of Tropical Technology and Environmental Protection and Mai Pham Duy Thong masters of the Center for Environmental Technology to favor the idea of producing handicraft from water hyacinth. According to Mr. Sy, hyacinth weaving fine arts in the Mekong Delta have started to stabilize, but the lack of raw materials. Tay Ninh to organize people to go cut hyacinths sold to establishments producing handicrafts in the West. In the long run, Tay Ninh should form the hyacinth weaving village. To do this, he plans to donate Sy: "To hyacinth weaving standards, to use system wiring, piles regeneration hyacinth river banks. This method also works to reduce riverbank erosion and streaming for ships traveling easier. "
While many units and individuals in favor of the idea of using water hyacinth as a natural resource, is Professor, Dr. Nguyen Van Phuoc Institute of City Environment and Natural Resources. Ho Chi Minh City are interested in finding methods limit hyacinth proliferation. He said that the main cause of invasive water hyacinth on the Vam Co Dong River and the canal system in the province of Tay Ninh is due to the source of waste water, livestock, industrial production, starch tapioca, rubber, sugar cane waste into rivers and streams. The waste which increases the organic content and nutrients in the water, creating conditions for algae and water hyacinth growth. To solve this problem thoroughly, the most important is the need to focus on pollution treatment and limit water pollution. Dr. Phuoc also presents a method of processing waste water household wastewater from swine production, wastewater tapioca starch, rubber and suggested the state agencies strictly manage the canals .

Hyacinth been purchased Tay Ninh people make handicrafts.
Three doctoral Le Khac Hoang, Dang Thien and Nguyen Thi Hong Loan from Nong Lam University. Ho Chi Minh City should handle comments hyacinth with biological measures. The authors of this presentation, there are two species of beetles, but the world is used for biological control water hyacinth is effective and N.eichhoniae N. bruchi. Both insects have been imported from Thailand, Florida (USA), breeding and release into the natural environment to control water hyacinth from 20 years ago. Representatives of the group said: "From the results of research in many countries around the world on the use of natural enemies to control water hyacinth shows, this solution has the potential to contribute to the work of prevention and hyacinth control. This measures the long-term effects on economic and technical, and minimizing environmental impact than chemical methods ".
At the workshop, there are many other speeches. Each paper will be a research scientist enthusiastic. All the staff have the responsibility of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology in Tay Ninh province recorded to study and examine the feasibility before deciding to apply in practice.
In recent years, Tay Ninh still struggling hard with remedies hyacinth on the river Vam, such as teaching them chased away downstream, purchasing hyacinth stalks to produce handicrafts, organized salvage 's ... which costs money, and effort. However, all is not showing the desired effect. Currently, "blue ice" day Hyacinth remains constant test different hourly proliferate, Olympics, trellised, covered river. This situation has caused a lot of problems for waterways, causing damage to agricultural production, especially in aquaculture in the river. Farmers still waiting eyestrain really an effective measure that was born to help them remove the problems caused by water hyacinth.

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