Sweet aroma of land, the people Huong Son


Who is not on the Huong Son then once here, "eat the fish cool, drink green tea bowl," Son Kim on SAUCES and down to Shanghai, heard the sweet offer for boat ...

Huong Son, charming land, Kiệt hometown of Ha Tinh. It has produced eminent luminaries such great medical Hai Thuong Lan Ong Le Huu Trac, generals Nguyen Tuan Shan, Cao Thang, Hoang Nguyen Khac Listing armor, Nguyen Khac Vien cultural houses ...

 Huong Son is also known for places like the mountain Heavenly Rings, Operable Street falls, hot springs Son Kim, Cau Treo international border gate ...

Huong Son, visitors will enjoy great specialty cam cover, grapefruit sugar, wild honey, deer velvet, green tea, candy stiff cu ... Huong Son, who was once the land to be forever saved attachment by native land, the people here.

 Tree leaf spring race fresh petal colors on the tomb Great physician Le Huu Trac Trung Son commune, Huong Son sons whose names have become immortal legend, a great symbol of morality and talented teacher thuoc.Nam 2013 222 year anniversary of his death.

 Health Minister Nguyen Quoc Trieu and leadership of the Ministry of Health, Ha Tinh Province and Huong Son district souvenir photograph before the monument on Mount Hai Thuong Lan Ong Kite, Son Trung.

 Cam Huong Son compensation, specialty brand was famous for the sweet, nutritious and colorful, seductive fragrance is considered the "First Name results". Not only is a delicious fruit, orange cover is also active in the quarter. Orange groves laden cover promises a prosperous New Year for the family.

These hills, tea gardens floral products not only make delicious green tea rare unparalleled, but also creates art picture with shaping values, excellent aesthetic landscapes.

 Eight constant wave green tea becomes sweeter, more nutritious if diluted pure forest honey, is also a specialty of this Highlander. In the picture is a beehive full of bile stasis forests, countless crystalline pure pollen, nectar flight forests and millions of hardworking bees.

 Would be complete without mentioning no deer Huong Son, gentle animals have been brought home for people for hundreds of years, people dedicate earned as deer velvet, a great nutritious pharmaceuticals. Price 1 kg deer antler present from 8-10 million.

With its wild beauty and warm waters, there are many rare minerals, hot springs Son Kim temperatures up to 100 ° C, address ecotourism resort where all visitors can not be ignored when to Huong Son.

From this stream of water that made the brand famous mineral water in Son Kim Nam in the North

  Huong Son, please visit villages rattan Son Thinh with hundreds of years of tradition, see the crystallized product is manual elaborate, meticulous and talented of workers.

  A woman in Long Son is cleverly rush the delicate strands of beautiful leaves fans for tourists walking in the hot summer days - who hand weave flower.

 Huong Son today is gradually transforming itself into orbit modernizing, industrializing country. But this land is still kept pristine beauty and captivating people. In pictures: Focus on the ancient market town border Cau Treo international border.

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