Tet Trung Thu: Every Vietnamese "re-exported"


Along with the children eagerly await the full moon of mid-autumn, the items for New Year tradition is increasingly diverse. And the good thing is the reappearance of the toy tradition of Vietnamese people.
Prevent smuggled toys
But half a month or so before next Autumn, but right now, if you walk through the streets famous for toys this holiday serves as Dong Xuan, Hang Ma, Hang Combs, Luong Van Can ... saw crowded and buyers.
The previous year, on the occasion of Mid-Autumn period of China flocked to the amount of stores are very large, with all models and types. Therefore, prevention of commercial fraud encountered many difficulties. Goods of unknown origin, quality products and the most obvious is the price of this product is too low has led to consumers "turn away" with toys Autumn of Vietnam.
One of the reasons that Chinese toys dominate the market in the long run, it is the abundance of species, stunning design, features and price is very cheap. Meanwhile, Vietnam's toys are poor, yet modern nature.

But this year, the consumer's attitude has completely changed, on the one hand due to information about hazardous substances in products of Chinese toys, on the other hand can be seen, the Chinese toy products Vietnam's growing collection of more beautiful, more modern.
Besides, with the determination to prevent counterfeit and shoddy goods, Branch Hanoi Market Management has enhanced production test operations, business mooncakes and children's toys. The samples were collected for assessment of the quality of children's toys produced by foreign signs of contamination of hazardous substances such as lead, singer-Dimi, mercury or other substances exceeding permitted limits, increased power line inspection of cargo entering the city; warehouses, dock yard; stores specializing in trading toys, entertainment spots focused public sold toxic toys, inciting violence, adversely affect human health and how to test children ... Session lasts to end on 10/9.
Vietnamese goods "Re-export"
This year, in the shops on Hang Ma, Hang Combs, Luong Van Can ... the traditional products of Vietnam has surpassed imported goods. Chinese Lanterns sold very little. Facilities in the country boldly launched many kinds of lanterns for children at affordable prices, only from 10,000 to 60,000.
The production facilities in the country are rolling out products with materials mainly paper, easy assembly, beautiful packing and parents can co-assemble with young lanterns; various designs such as princess, round exciting, interesting squares, fruit, priced at 15000-50000 / products. In particular, besides the printed form of national heroes such as Ngo Quyen, Hai Ba Trung, Thanh Giong ... is a very new topic, so the sea is the island: island fishermen and Coast Guard ... has Autumn goes into toys
The message printed on the islands towards the lantern body: "I love island homeland", "Baby sea towards the island", "I love Vietnam island", "I love to pay the Vietnamese navy Male ', the image of Vietnam Navy soldiers wearing guns on their shoulders and carry the vessels of the Coast Guard Vietnam ... has attracted the interest of the child as well as parents.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa - a small business to Hang Ma said, "This year, the attitude of different consumers. My shop selling items such as Vietnam's media lanterns, drums, head master or death mask. goods is entirely hand crafted. Want to say what they say, but have to admit, Vietnam our products are beautiful and very delicate. "
Leads children to hang Autumn Hang Ma and his wife Le Hoa - Bach Mai - Hai Ba Trung shared, "I said, many Asian nations also Mid-Autumn Festival, such as China. Each nation there are toys for the children on this occasion. Vietnam we also have traditional toys, so why not use, do not enjoy the same fun with the traditional products of our nation, which China just meant to be. myself my family bought for me and the lion's head mask made of papier true as ever ". The very good at collecting toys this year's Central Vietnam is fitted with lights, and the inscription on the island hometown, which is a pretty good idea, great for the baby - he Hoa share more.

One good thing is that many young people, on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival devised many unique toys coated with gold caps, or animal-shaped hat made of paper ... only for 30-40 thousand co, girls, boys and even the youth will be really fun hats, lovely full moon night.
The return of Vietnam traditional toys proving the manufacturing base in the country and are looking to place on the market. But many parents and children still expect more and more Vietnamese toys rich in variety, attractive in design, but at the same time modern and safe.

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