The beauty of the village


(AGO) - The handicraft villages followed from generation to make up the beauty of traditional culture in the land of An Giang. In particular, there is the traditional village has existed for over 50 years as: Train Phu My (Phu Tan), woven silk and brocade U.S. A Phong Chau (Tan Chau TX.), wooden sandbox (New Market) ...
From time immemorial, Tan Chau was famous for silk weaving. This is also where wheat created a wine list for a while. In the weaving process, perhaps the most unique silk dyeing techniques from left to wear again, a technique for Tan Chau silk black, shiny, not to color. This is an initiative of the old village, but so far, no one knows exactly who has to figure out how this dye. Just know that back then, every year, the village had left over to buy even half of Cambodia to use for dyeing silk. After this, the Vietnamese planted, grown so much to see today. For the professional fashion designer Tan Chau silk, the product is a pure Vietnamese, bold and nationalistic pride of the Vietnamese people, beautify women charm of Vietnam.
If the U.S. A silk brought in its charm and ingenuity of the village women Kinh Chau Phong brocade contained diligence woman's care. Weaving craft is that almost any woman should always know Cham. Around age 10, the young woman who was set gradually Care manipulation of weaving. Chau Phong brocade material used mainly silk dyeing industry and craft. The dyed yarn, fabric color is the secret handed down for generations in the Cham people in An Giang. From his skillful hands, the woman's care has created a colorful dragons swooping, exquisite brocades, special bag and scarf covering the hair is beautiful.
Leaving to Phu Binh Tan Chau (Phu Tan) to witness the bustle of village cotton reed broom. Also thanks to this village Phu Binh are many places where known, but most importantly, the village has created jobs for more than 300 households, making the lives of people in rural areas are stable society regulations, and development.
As for forging Phu (Phu Tan), but no longer is the "golden age" as before but still create traditional forging of food, more stable jobs for local workers. In particular, products villages always trusted people everywhere, durability and sharpness. Currently, Phu My forged products very rich and diverse, with a few dozen knives, various sizes; more than a dozen types of hammers; saws, leng, scissors, chisel, crowbar, scythe ... According to the forge master here, not only forging products offered for provinces in the Mekong River Delta and South China, but also sold to Cambodia. Images bare back workers sweating toil on pounding the steel is heated red creates a familiar beauty of the village.
As to the Long Dien commune A (New Market), people mostly live on agriculture, and the rest live in the industrial trades and traditional handicrafts are maintained over many generations. And carpentry profession is always maintained. Not only creating more diverse products, A Long Dien village carpenter also trained many skilled craftsmen to serve not only local, but also provides for other provinces. Or to lead the Long Giang village (New Market) the date on services, see the bustling atmosphere labor. Both big and little villages, all sat engrossed split, sharpeners architecture, the spokes, frame, as I crawled. Product of more than a dozen villages existing categories, including baskets of various sizes, Niger baskets, bushel baskets, RE ... The village continues to maintain, as many types of products, increasing product quality improving high. Their products not wait to traders, but the craftsmen who bring their products to consumers, self-promotion. Each stitch, to create the same quality products.
Besides the typical villages are ancient in the past few years, An Giang more new villages producing handicrafts product characteristics, made from ingredients available at local hotels as the preferred travel professional Uzu mats, cotton bamboo handicrafts, palm leaf paintings, ligation products from dried water hyacinth ... All these villages have contributed to the characteristic appearance of An Giang lands.


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