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More than half a century woven rattan craft stick, Dang Van Pho is artisan woven palm-leaf fan only problem in Hanoi. He is also a creative way of weaving words on the fan.
In the cold air is rushing back, the old artisans urge to look behind and sincere way of talking, telling stories of his life. He was born in 1953 in Binh Xa village, Binh Phu commune, Thach That District, Hanoi, in an agricultural family, he began to learn and love woven rattan craft since the age of 9.
He Cheese today has blurred eyes and hair mist maker, recalls the charm associated with the years of professional military. "When the army to serve, I usually knit brothers dedicated fan leaves, I take medication purple, red medicine, even quinine, to color all the fan leaves. 1978, I was discharged and returned homeland continue working as rattan weaving, "he recalls.

51 years in the profession, with talented and dedicated people who have been rare, Pho he did not know how much the fans bodhi leaves, baskets, warm compost ... Especially, after many years researched, artisans created from woven palm-leaf fan letters in all, the most sophisticated way of knitting today hardly anyone can knit a mature way. "Danish text threads on fan leaves very meticulous, I was initially taught himself how to knit letters into Vietnamese, English, and Korean. Many people to please teach me how to knit letters on fans, but they taught me knitting the form only if they move to another model is not knitting, "he said.
Recall period rattan weaving villages thrive, he shared, in 80-90 years, the craft of weaving rattan exports mainly to the countries of Eastern Europe. Then the whole village who also rattan, woven stretch, bamboo products such as fan leaves varied threads, blinds, bamboo, warm incubation, basketry ... The income of the family is very pretty. He and his wife were invited to vocational training authorities woven rattan for local children.
After 1991's about time constraints, challenges for the village. Traditional Eastern European market no longer exists, the villagers still knitting fan, knitting baskets to sell but only at idle and not year round, so no more orders. Today, the villagers often knit small orders as gifts on holidays, longevity presents, gifts for people away from home. He said Pho, probably giving each other the fans is to have a meaningful text in the holidays or special days has become a culture in people's behavior Doai origin.

The old artisan, blurred vision, but his hands still cantering briskly, supple ride surf on the spokes. Witness the traditional woven rattan craft a future date one of his own family, Dang Van Pho artists not from sadness, regret. He has 4 children regularly go to school, go to work in Hanoi, nobody serial published now. Now, he only fan-to-order feature, Vietnam weather, clouds and fast knitting will stretch if not easily damaged.
Say with traditional woven rattan craft, until now, he has only one City wishes to do so threads weaving palm-leaf fan forever transmissions, not eroded.

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