The disabled artisans with gold hands


With the concept remains but not discarded, artisan Nguyen Van Trung determination to Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan products to the domestic and foreign markets. He is also the more than 200 hand-woven portrait of Uncle Ho.

Effort on legs
Fate took away his legs healthy 14 year old. It makes boys are old "broken horn" at that time seemed to have time to let go. Mr Trung said: "At night I felt tired and sleep became frostbitten right foot. On later examination, the doctor says broken femur bone inflammation. It takes 2 years not cure that disease remission. The doctor advised me to go leg amputated but I did not have to. "

His current one leg shorter than the other leg about 15 cm. Although designed a special pair of shoes but his walking is quite difficult. It is on her legs crippled, artisan Nguyen Van Trung find their paths and villages.
It seems that the "business rattan" pursue a desire to bring people home products to remote parts of the earth. With the encouragement of family, he was determined to prove that he was disabled but not discarded. With that energy, Nguyen Van Trung exercise patience to sit up. "At first it was painful episode, leg cramps walking very difficult. After the days of uninterrupted practice, I can gradually sit weaving the basket, the Ra, "Trung said.

Over time, the product of his Middle increasingly higher artistic. The first turning point came to life in 1973 when he won the first prize in the contest organized village-skilled. Later, he was elected to the Central Committee cooperative management Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan in charge of engineering. From here, Nguyen Van Trung had the opportunity to be exposed and bring products to Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan with international friends.

Knitting enthusiasm portraits Uncle HoSau hard years, China has set up his own business called Co. handicraft paint States. But the greatest success of his life is none other than the portrait of Uncle Ho woven rattan. He said: "Uncle Shown portrait is very difficult to express the hardest Uncle's eyes. How can both comply with bright eyes, his delicate but appropriate to each situation. Portrait of Uncle to worship the gentle eyes, deeply emotional. But Uncle picture in picture, then marching his eyes looking straight ahead, showing a resolute spirit, firmness, an unshakable willpower. As for Uncle portrait sitting on the chair to gaze distant memory to the Southern people. "

Chat with me, he expressed his feelings at the memory of the first anniversary show picture "Uncle Ho on the way to work at Pac Po": "At that time received orders not know you are worried completed is not. I manually select each strand clouds. After two years I finally finished it. "Since then, Mr. Nguyen Van Trung has knitted more than 200 portraits of Uncle Ho, every picture shown nuances leader image.
Many people ask to buy his paintings at very high prices, but he does not sell the concept employed by him must have the mind. For every occasion there is the important events of the country, Mr. Trung spent these works donated to organizations and agencies. In addition, he also brought these works to exhibitions at home and abroad to introduce the image of the great leader of the nation.

Preoccupation with ngheNham facilitate those who wish to stick with the career development, Mr. Trung also established private vocational training centers Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan. To date he has trained more than 500 trainees, including many disabled children. Mr Trung said: "With my disability, I receive free training. If you have any aspirations to work in me always ready to receive. Because I myself was so disabled people can sympathize with the unfortunate fate ".

As an artist with a long term career, he thought about how a conviction that promote the value of more traditional villages. Also by that that he never intended to hide the craft. He said young people in the village want to cherish and rattan successor.

Artisan Nguyen Van Trung won numerous awards in national and international awards and creative youth international, Indochina golden hands Award finely crafted products in Japan, Star Gold Award Vietnam . He also was awarded 6 gold medals, silver in the title "Vietnam golden hands"; 4 times won the title and emulate warriors of merit of the authorities.

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