The furniture market is vibrant at the end of the year


Works of art from ... wood

It is not unusual that fine art furniture, especially wooden statues are so popular. According to feng shui, the wood represents Jupiter, symbolizing the spring, the proliferation, helping to reduce the impact of Kim and onion, creating balance and gas for living space. In terms of aesthetics and economics, today's wooden market makes consumers not "hammered out" by the work created more sophisticated and beautiful, selection is also extremely diverse, suitable for Many economic conditions and needs.

To have beautiful wooden products is not a simple thing. Artisans first have to carefully consider the selection of the finest wood materials and the most appropriate. Commonly used wood is incense, ebony, timbers, Ngoc Am wood, royal wood or wood. Then, with the talented hands of artisans, the pieces are crafted with skillful shapes. color, tumor, hole in each block to keep the natural wood texture, just "blow soul" so lively, sophisticated. In order for the work to reach its perfection, besides the meticulous and skillful of the hands, the artisan must have a subtle mind, acumen and a lot of experience in the profession. Sometimes, they have to wait for a moment of improvisation in the process of creating a really impressive work.

Mr. Dao Van Thuc - a representative of Nam Anh furniture - a trade name of wooden furniture business is being trusted by many people said: "The hardest thing in the process of creating fine art furniture is the item This does not have a ready-made drawings, so it requires the craftsman to have more skill and creativity than the others. Pictures on each sculpture are also often associated with Vietnamese spirituality such as: Maitreya Buddha statue, Guan Yin Bodhisattva statue, Quan Cong statue, Phuc-Loc-Thuc statue, Tho dang. So feng shui is very high. "

Exciting the market at the end of the year

With great value both physically and spiritually, the current wooden products are not only used as feng shui decorations to express culture, lifestyle and class in many families but also dishes. Gift meaning is many individual customers and businesses choose the occasion last year. Also, at present, the market is becoming more active than ever. However, to choose the product quality is not really simple, buyers should carefully consider before "choose to send gold".

Mr. Dao Van Thuc (owner of Nam Anh Wood Company, Hanoi), with more than 10 years of experience in consulting: "To avoid buying counterfeit, imitation, poor quality or used goods are cheek Again, consumers should learn thoroughly. Should buy the product when still "wood", this will help you distinguish the quality of wood or errors in the production process. Do not forget to check if the wood you are planning to buy has the right wood, whether there are any scars or bite marks, whether the product is made of solid wood or a piece of wood and has a complete hand-crafted sculpture. In particular, the pattern is very important because of the high value products, certain patterns must be elaborate, sharp

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