The handicraft products in Ben Tre coconut increasingly attractive


Ben Tre is endowed with charming river scenery, the lush orchards, the traditional craft villages has created attractive to domestic and foreign tourists.

By Ben Tre, where the visitors also caught images of coconut trees. Coconuts have tied Ben Tre people for centuries, from the war, labor and production, to and from Ben Tre coconut people have created value not only in economic terms but in terms of including culture. Coconut is used in food, housing construction, in poetry and products unique handicrafts, souvenirs are meaningful when visitors from near and far to visit Ben Tre.
Ben Tre coconut growing area near 60.000ha, annual output of 500 million left over to supply to domestic and foreign markets. Exploiting potentials of coconut trees, the locals have made many products bearing the distinctive character of the province. Not only for our coconut sweetness of pure water cool, delicious, but also be made into items of handicrafts and exquisitely beautiful eyes. The handicraft products made of coconut materials such as coconut wood, coconut shells, scrub, leaves, fibers, shells ... have become valuable products in domestic and overseas markets. Craft coconut arts and crafts thrive but only in recent years but has become a profession contributes more jobs for local workers, generate additional revenue, contributing to improving the quality of enrich lives and hometown.
Ben Tre is the basis of dozens of arts and crafts as large as coconut: fine art establishments Kim Tu, Hung Tien art facility, coconut art facility Ngoc Tuan, Phuc Sang basis (Chau Thanh ), handicraft establishments Bank School, Yen Thanh basis (Ben Tre city), fine-art facility Thanh Liem (Mo Cay Nam), Thanh Nhan basis (Giong Trom) ... Each facility has come on more than a dozen other active satellites are scattered throughout the district. Products of these facilities will create supply for domestic and foreign market orders, annual exports to countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, India, USA, UK, Sweden Si, ... also, in the promotion of fair trade - tourism in the province, the region and abroad, the products are also introduced art to tourists, with the aim of bringing art products reach more on the international market, rebranding and expanding distribution network.
Previously, in Ben Tre craft items produced handicrafts from coconut materials not officially a profession, and self development, only a few households homemade coconut art to decorate the home or donation to relatives and friends. Later, when the economy - Ben Tre increasingly social development, especially Ben Tre travel more and more international tourists are known to produce traditional occupations related to art coconut growing increasingly strong, broad and become a major economic sector, contributing to economic restructuring for the people. The people of the coconut with skillful hands, talented plus aesthetic created a new profession, turn things low value of the coconut tree coconut handicraft products have "soul", have high artistic value, excellent, with hundreds of plentiful and unique. In addition, the manufacturing facility items Coconut handicrafts become tourist attractions to visit, learn and contribute to create a focal point in the tour program hick is mined in Ben Tre.
Currently, the product is coconut handicraft artisans created nearly 500 diverse products, such as handbag, wallet, chopsticks, spoons, masks, lamps, dolls, clock cases, and the things in everyday life, ... is used to put the broom outside, through the skillful hands of craftsmen also be woven into the bouquet handicraft products, gift baskets, ... Well coconuts turned into lanterns with various designs.
Ben Tre People love you more and more coconut trees through new discoveries about the benefits and uses of products as well as handicrafts made from coconut tree in life. In the era of economic integration as now, to develop sustainable, long-term, the artist is currently plying coconut explore, improve, creative designs, styles, ways to combine ingredients coconut with other materials such as rattan, bamboo, leaves to enhance the aesthetics of art coconut products, investment and market research, to find buyers for products with long-term development strategies. In the tour program to visit Ben Tre River, visitors to tour the manufacturing facilities handicraft products of coconut, witnessed the stage to create a sophisticated art products and have high artistic value. In the tourist attractions are the souvenir stalls and exhibits introduce visitors hundreds of different art products.
Coconut tree live, grow very long on land and three suites isle closely linked with generations of people Ben Tre place. And many stories, literature, poetry was written tied people with pictures of Ben Tre coconut trees, "remembers that Ben Tre coconut". Image of coconut trees has left many impressions, memories dear to writers, poets, musicians. Derived from emotional outpouring of coconut tree pictures, Nguyen Van Ty musician has composed the song "Bamboo standing" famous "Who stands like coconut balls, long hair flying in the wind ..."
Those handicraft products from coconut helped enhance the overall value of Ben Tre coconut tree, enrich and beautify cultural characteristics Ben Tre coconut on the ground. Goods handicrafts from coconut helped introduce Ben Tre coconut image to friends near and far at home and abroad, not only for the beauty of the coconut homeland, but for the whole country of Vietnam and present many parts of the world. Hope handicraft industries coconut growing more and create more work handicrafts unique to increasingly reach across five continents. /.

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