The last wooden clogs made


The capital clogs" (the village of Yen Xa - Tan Trieu Commune, Thanh Tri, Hanoi) a right only lay hold a family craft technique.

 Since ancient times, wooden clogs Yen Xa village - Tan Trieu Commune, Thanh Tri, Hanoi is a famous brand all over the country. But now, it's a story of the past. Yen Xa village has quit as clogs, traditional homeland. "The capital clogs" a right that only a family craft technique to lay hold.
 Lat lay hold job

Xa- quiet suburban village famous for its ancient craft of making wooden clogs built-up now. These projects could not finish the other projects coming up. Yen Xa is now a modern construction site. Ask profession clogs, younger kids nobody knows. Elderly people are only vaguely remember the other stuff it is still doing stuff. But apart scoured the village, the "debt instruments other instruments" as directed, then either died, or are elderly or quit shrinkage dozen years.

Luckily, between "capital clogs wooden" one time, the land where people just need to mention the word "clatter" was enough to know the Yen Xa village right now only one family still keeps his father's profession. It's his family in the neighborhood Vu Van Thieu Yen fifth, Xa village.
 In the apartment building his spacious Akatsuki, where also see clogs. Clogs are in the completion stage are arranged in piles. "The rest is not so clogs bring anywhere. Each of our Spouses profession. Doing clogs sideline just stop," he said Thieu. So the job is sent to fame for the village, that feeds the village, now only sustain a family, but they are only secondary profession only.

He Akatsuki are working for a transport company. Ms. Hue, his wife worked at the Hospital of Traditional Medicine Tue Tinh. He said Thieu, before the family but also hire a professional to do so "impervious" so now only do the couple enlist or on Saturdays and Sundays.

She sat close Hue straps for clogs said: "More and more consumers hard wooden clogs. Purchase costs oval wood (wood made clogs) increasing. Should remove all the craft village, moved to other jobs is easy to understand. "She Hue mentally, each pair of clogs and her husband entered with 14 trillion dong, wooden money, money straps, studs and electricity bills have run to tens of thousands. That's not to mention the money.

Ask about keeping jobs, Hue she laughed: "I do not have the capital this village. This is not a family tradition. Taking each other for husband and apprentices to do. Sideline We considered for further income that was it. If impervious to quit as well. families with 4, 5 successive occupations life. During those specific villages formerly famous clogs which are not now say anything to keep their jobs I ".

She Hue said previously when many families are employed, how much do enter go that much. The number of both villages making thousands of pairs is not afraid dull. But now, despite his profession, none of competition, but also siblings Thieu Hue moderation only about 500 pairs per month, enter the connection goes away.

Only in the narrative

In the village there is no chance the village, nor any other organization to protect jobs. Specifically Dinh Van Vinh, a village elder said so. Even the most flourishing period of the "wooden clogs Kinh" is just a village separate activities. Listen Vinh said stuff I thought, nobody tugged village so only he and his wife Thieu profession. But that is not their primary source of life ... Career clogs could disappear homeland clogs at any time.

Whether they lost or profession for young people in the village are less important. Specifically Vinh said Yen Xa generation of young, educated the work of the agency, other agencies, without attending to the mast in the same industrial park as workers. Only specific people as near Vinh whole life attached to the word "clatter" would now risk losing new profession emerges feel sad and sorry.

Vinh specific recalls: "During 1980 and 1990, cars from other places in the village tandem import. Both villages successful shoe factory, ebullient. Yet rapid social change. Time now is not the absence but not anymore. profession and is about to die out. "Specifically Vinh said that the heart not from pity.
 Causes Yen Xa wooden clogs pushed to the brink, it would wipe out the village everyone knows. Specifically Vinh said that the couple three years ago still clogs because some do love my job, because his father did not want to craft oblivion. But people also have a passion for old. "The job does not work out wooden clogs money should not cling to the younger generation. Pads carpentry how competitive now with plastic sandals originating from China and products from Saigon. Has sample code eye-catching, cheap cost should be selected consumers, "said Vinh tool.

English buds with short wooden clogs increasingly rare. If one day no longer hear the sound of familiar intimacy in their homeland soon, it would not surprise too many people get to do. "The wooden clogs capital" is old lingered on the verge of disappearing. Soon the only person keeping his father's profession was not sure if I will give up this job at any time. She Hue said that her husband has months to go work uninterrupted. Alone at home, she can not undertake the sawn timber. Time jobs that Clogs has to stop. Now the couple had passed the age of 50, not in good health to do more. "How are they doing that's all day," she said Hue.

Loc Yen Xa village docked wooden clogs in line to become the voice of hope in the past gone.

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