The magic comes from Vietnam conical hat


(Song tre) - Farmers hats, city hats people, foreign visitors hats, from the elderly, young woman to whom children may also wore conical very own beauty Vietnam South.

Across the land of the S-shaped Vietnam, we can easily see many images of the conical hat in anywhere. Each region of the country are the stylized leaf hat to suit each different weather conditions and natural conditions of each place, but generally all creation launched a conical hats are based on a how to make traditional handicrafts with many uses and different meanings.

Conical honor the beauty of women

In Vietnam, the country's tunic dress, and a conical hat is an accessory comes more important for the national honor for it. Especially with the beauty of the woman, if ao flattering slender, graceful, modest elegance of the girl to make a conical hat girl wearing a hidden beauty, low-key and far more charming.

Hats leaves have many uses deep meaning

Very slightly conical, made from the leaves and bamboo frames and round wide brim moderate biggest uses conical give them is to avoid a weathered weathered the harsh weather, especially country for a year in tropical regions of monsoon moisture as our country, a year has four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter with unusual weather phenomena, the conical hat is an essential tool to protect health, especially for farmers.

Conical hat follow the peasants, the labor participation process for producing bumper crops, when to come home conical hat is also used to fan for cooling, while the flip conical hats conical hats there is wide use that content containing sundries, personal items in the home, can also be used conical fruit, used to draw water, depending on the particular circumstances that the use of hats leaves are used and exploited thoroughly.

Not picky users conical

Anyone can purchase, and can easily lead to its owner a conical hat worn. From children to the elderly, from the senior staff for farmers to ordinary workers, whether local or visitors can international team. Hats is to buy and very easy to use, more reliable if you know how well preserved and fair use, which is why that picture conical hats became very familiar from north to south, on across the country.

Hats are beautiful in the eyes of international friends

They're very easy to encounter foreign visitors to Vietnam when the first teams on the conical hat, which is understandable by those not conical become essential items but a unique baby items Vietnam hospitality send people to international friends.

Image conical hat and ao dai followed the Vietnam girl go to the country to participate in the beauty pageant and along with many other countries or photos Other Miss Ao Dai Vietnamese conical hats Vietnam has affirmed the beauty brand and the culture in traditional costumes unique, very unique individual in Vietnam, which has a conical hat!

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