The main income from sideline


While many traditional villages are living in a village flickering wicker rattan Bao La (Quang Dien commune, Thua Thien-Hue) have prospered through relentless efforts of the people here.

From five million

From early morning, the air Cooperative (Cooperative) Bao La rattan bustle. Nearly 100 workers here say intercontinental smile but still eager to escape the hand work. Mr. Vo Van Dinh, chairman of the cooperative, said villagers Vast handed down from ancient time: knitting weaving village temple, the Good Neighbors Disabled knitting ground, neighbors Hop baskets, knit neighborhood sentence nia, neighborhood markets gradually prepared. Each neighbor of the Vast village has its own strength. Farmers here, after the season, re-embarked on knitting excluding men or women. Early morning, the woman was carrying baskets, happy, down ... to the market to sell. Life is peaceful like hundreds of years.


However, from the 80s of XX century, the village began to fall into vicious market penetration massively plastic. Many people quit because no one product purchase. Villagers meeting several times but still can not find a solution. By 2007, the villagers unanimously established cooperative Bao La rattan wicker. Initially cooperative with 25 members. The capital-only 5 million of the loan is 5 veteran worker in the village. They are also the pioneers who initiated and called for the establishment of village cooperatives, although that will meet difficulties.

"Vast primarily weaving household items such as baskets, baskets celebrate ... Once established cooperatives, we have determined the direction is specialized in producing souvenir rattan handicrafts. I and some people spend a lot of time to market reference. Variations of the art products with other materials into rattan. Only rich new models to compete! ", Vo Forum, one of the two masters of the village, said. After nearly 2 years to build, in 2008, the village was named Vast typical village in Thua Thien-Hue. In 2011, the product of the bamboo lantern village Vast won first prize in the poll industrial products typical rural province. At the end of 2011, the village's bamboo tray wheels second prize in the contest represents the village by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism held. Every year the village of Bao Luo also be on display at many festivals in and outside the province of Thua Thien-Hue.


Present, it has over 350 different models such as night lights, lanterns of all kinds, fruit baskets, nested tables, shower decorations, farm equipment ... Products of cooperative everywhere from north to south. Themed not afraid of making no consumer market. It always has throughout the year. "The Vast go also proud of his homeland with the famous traditional crafts everywhere. People here almost everyone knows knitting. New folk have a saying: bring the barrel to quote La containing powder / Binh Dinh Chieu good one dear, "Mrs. Lien, a skilled worker shared here. According to Ms. Lien, knitting lat previous day, she earns about 20-25 thousand dollars. But from a cooperative, each month her income from 1,2- 1.5 million per month.

"The village flourishes each day. People who inspired everyone. Basketry is only secondary profession for many families after the season. But it is the main source of income for many farmers here, especially women. However, villages are facing many difficulties in infrastructure, markets, scarcity of skilled workers will gradually ... "

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