The more prominent house with rattan furniture


(Construction) - The use of bamboo and rattan in the interior is much favored by families very own beauty. By giving them the space comfortable, gentle, close to nature.
The houses use bamboo and rattan furniture need large area, low moisture dry. Products rattan furniture is most popular furniture, cabinet furniture, baskets. In addition, rattan bamboo blinds can also be used as, baffled. With the advantage of compact, these items are usually easy to move.

Dining table with rattan combined with candles, mirrors and chandeliers adds classic definition for the dining room. Or simply the porch chair will give you peaceful moments enjoying a cup of coffee and breakfast. Currently, many samples rattan furniture are stylized and artistic attention to new features to increase the living space.

Bedroom is the place to easily find the charm of this material through clouds bed, closet, dressing table or chairs to relax. Hand dexterity and talent of the artists shown in every product bearing the trade body to warm to room.

If the proper handling and storage techniques, bamboo and rattan products are not only used actual values but also durable for hundreds of years. When selecting products with clouds, Notes may choose cloud tapered fibers, long and toned. Products have smooth surface, the ball, not particularly rough section joints or protrusions.

You need to regularly clean up the brightness to the product. Use a small brush or soft cloth to avoid scratches, stains, you can use saline solution, avoid using strong detergents. Also, you should use a vacuum cleaner to clean the openings of utensils.
With rattan furniture, you can totally own a wonderful living space. Beauty and gentle folk would bring them to feel relaxed and calm for the whole family.
Tuan Phan (general)

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