The story quoted Uncle Ho village savings rattan gift


"I have received the gift of attention. Uncle deduct part of Uncle savings amassed 50 contracts awarded as capital notes to the recovery and development uncle traditional village local rattan ".
It is a passage in the letter sent Uncle Ngoc Dong village artisans after getting Uncle gift is the chair of the village artisans stages.
Chair knitting gift idea Uncle Ho
In the atmosphere of the 121 year anniversary of Uncle Ho's birthday (19/05/1890 - 19/05/2011), we in rural Ngoc, Hoang Dong commune, Duy Tien district (Ha Nam) visited villages clouds famous bamboo. Go through the gate Ngoc Dong village a few hundred meters, we have a small presence in the house of artist Nguyen Van Minh. He is one of the 7 participants woven rattan chairs hierarchical. The first picture we saw when the machine is the same explosive materials rattan and many products made from rattan.
Next we are a high line line man, graying hair, a lucid old age and even more ingenious. Inside the rattan furniture made by his own hands and hot teapot, artist Ming gentle story about the idea of weaving rattan chairs donated Uncle Ho's artisan group Ngoc Dong rattan village, including his.
Pointing to the chair rattan chair gave identical Uncle Ho, artist Ming said: "The chair knitting gifts for my Uncle is an unforgettable memories in life associated with traditional rattan weaving. It is not only fun, own emotion itself, but also the pride of the village who Ngoc Dong ".
Previously, Ngoc Dong village there is a low-lying countryside occupies a poor field. Many healthy young people leave the village to make a living in exile, leaving only the middle class old people in the village. At that time, rattan weaving village has a long tradition in development but not much, he organized his village village is also known as the arithmetic mean Binh Tien.
1957, when he was 15 years old Ming, he has the same number of brothers in the village stays in the traditional rattan and bamboo weaving. Capital is painstaking, studious to available intelligence, he Ming bamboo and rattan absorb very quickly and competently, there is much more creative than people in the village. His name was also quick to locals.
Knowing Uncle preparation in the floor, the older stuff in Ngoc Dong village proposed the idea of making a record of something to give Uncle. The idea of making rattan chairs hierarchical created it. Then the village was opened in selection of skilled artisans to participate in chair knitting stages. After that, the village has chosen 7 artists participating in this noble work.
"To have beautiful rattan chairs, soft and smooth it requires effort, dedication of all the team members perform artisans. Everyone tried, would expect to successfully implement hierarchical. It will help Uncle handy while working, reading and reception, "artisan Nguyen Van Minh recalls.
Unforgettable memories with Uncle
Nearly half a century has passed, since the last time met Uncle Ho, Nguyen Van Minh still remember the memories of Uncle. It's simple, people close to the great leader Ho Chi Minh.
1965, to hear Uncle Ho invited the South Hero Group first time to visit the North, in his heart felt extremely happy and look forward to seeing Uncle. It was the village artisan groups dedicate his Uncle rattan chair of the traditional villages.
Ming He remembers fondly: "Because it is made hierarchal seats should each of us are aware of the responsibility and great honor of him. All processes are done carefully and make sure to ensure high durability. Every step requires a thorough and meticulous to select the best materials and meticulous, rattan trees were selected from age 10-15 years, body golden color, wood is the best wood, against termites. The cloud is stripped fiber handicraft then drag drag ball back for real. Especially selected sewn very focused and paint is lacquer to prevent evaporation. "
's Efforts paid off, great gift by hand artisan groups Ngoc Dong village being given away as Uncle Ho. Surge of joy, spread each artist in that time. He also honored and awarded the State Party badge Ho Chi Minh City, which is meaningful gifts was his highest honor.
Also that year, combined Ngoc Dong village received a gift of 50 copper and a letter written by Uncle Ho sent back to the village artisan groups Ngoc Dong, the letter reads: "I have received the gift of uncle. Uncle Uncle extract savings amassed 50 contracts awarded as capital notes to the recovery and development uncle traditional village local rattan ".
From the heart and the encouragement of President Ho Chi Minh, the traditional villages of Ngoc Dong rattan as the train passed. Craft villages not only be restored but growing brand, known throughout the neighboring provinces such as Thai Binh, Hai Duong, Vinh Phuc ...
Artisan Nguyen Van Minh generations as well as other artisans in the village, always tries to listen innovative further development. Memories of Uncle Ho's heart remains forever in his light, he urged further strengthening cultural identities Vietnam countryside villages.


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