The traditional village of Long An specializing in weaving baskets


Traditional villages Screening Long Cang Long An commune, district Giuoc. Weaving mats, sedge has previously appeared in 1930 and attached to the cultural life of the projector Long Cang village existed until now. The product consists of Cang Long projection: Projection lying, baby crib projector, projector carpet, pattern projectors, projector letter rate, reference rate patterns ...
Traditional village of Binh An Village Drums of Peace, quiet commune, Tan Tru district. Careers bits appeared in 1842 and attached to the cultural life of the Village of Peace. Binh An village craft bits associated with the names of a number of artisans like Mr. Nguyen Van Men, Nguyen Van Ba, Nguyen Van Luong. The main products include Drums of Peace: in schools, temples drums, drum music festival, lion dance drums, drum pepper, tambourine, drum, drum long and festivals, empty, empty lion ...
Traditional villages leaf conical hat An Hiep Commune East Security, Duc Hoa district. Conical carving has emerged from a long association with the life and culture of people Hiep Hamlet. Conical carving was associated with the names of some famous household occupations as: Ba Chau Thi Title, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ray, Ms. Nguyen Thi Stop, Ms. Phan Thi Tru, Nguyen Thi GET, Ms. Phan Thi cold ...
Traditional villages appeared baskets Denmark's oldest and attached to the cultural life of the people of the village of Hoa Hiep commune, An Ninh Dong 1, Duc Hoa district exists to this day. Weaving baskets attached to the name of the village for generations as: Pham Van Rong, Mr. Tran Van Cung Tran Thi Less, At Pham Ngoc Pham Van Distortion, Pandan Thu Dang, Tran Van Baby ...
Traditional villages Rice Paper Nhon Hoa Ward 5, Tan An town. Rice paper dating from 1943 to the present, as this is the traditional occupation of the people in Nhon Hoa area formerly hereditary profession for many generations, there are 3 generation household baking as Phat Huynh Tai Bui Thi Huong Duong Thi Quan, Vo Van Small, they always look professional cake is a traditional craft.
Long An existing five traditional villages PPC recognition. The traditional villages with different products but have in common is handmade by creative labor, artisans have created great products, where thinking is learned from generations, will not fade because it has been associated with the village people, bringing subtle distinctions of the village, the traditional cultural values of the nation. /.
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