The variable "deaf" into money


From the ideal coconut was left deaf, skillful hands of talented craftsmen have turned them into products of high value art
We are very impressed when he arrived home part one (60 years old), in group 4, Village 2, Cam Thanh, Ho Hoi An - Quang Nam. From the house to the garden to have a lot of work with bamboo, nipa, coconut deaf ... so beautiful.
Unique, highly aesthetic
To us, he said he had one for 30 years seniority in the profession "thatch, bamboo, nipa". Three years ago, when "artisan," said tinkering, painstakingly crafted handicraft goods with coconut materials are deaf to produce unique works as the warm cup of tea or drink alcohol. He explained: "Dua is the coconut was deaf ... Deaf, not great, just over fist but very thick coconut skull
and hard ".

Coconut is the main material that deafness him a collection of palm trees on a hundred-year-old black layer of the skull should be able to coconut oil secretion, polished coconut shell appearance of the skull. If so long, just use cloth or sandpaper to rub the shiny products back. In order to achieve this black layer, you have to painstakingly shaved coconut outer skull deaf in one small blade to black layer of skull. Thus, the product of his unique and highly aesthetic.
Conquering the remote client
He said a section just about 50 large coconut normal, deafness 2 coconuts. Coconut bring deaf, shelling, cleaning, coconut shell then saw the left side of the rice, then use a sharp paring knife and sandpaper polished inside and outside the shell; then manipulated the details of the pitcher or bowl and attached to shells. Finally, the varnish coating on the durability and beauty products.

 On average, he is around 7-10 days to "manufacture" a product. Each set includes 1 cup warm warm and 6 cups (cups). Price is the big cups 1 million, warm kind of small cup is 1.5 million. Buyers are mostly foreign tourists and visitors from Hanoi. "After visiting the Bay Mau coconut forest to stop by here, they like to buy as a souvenir" - he said Modeling.
On the last day, he Fad very busy. During the day, he painstakingly, painstakingly crafted the coconut tea set with deafness as required by tourists. They bought as souvenirs after the tour of Hoi An.

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