The wooden clogs sold 50 years Ben Thanh Market


More than 70 years old but still Nguyen Thi Lien clogs painstakingly hand side, though far less interest than a day to rent the stalls.
100 year old, Ben Thanh Market was home to several generations of traders. Entering the market today, do not be surprised tourists trekked in the new pavilion, still bustling past few stalls bold.
Acres in the vast space of the fine arts or a brocade bag that clogs wooden booths Nguyen Thi Lien. Shop virtually unchanged from humans to layout and is also the only store that sells wooden clogs at the market. Although in his 70s, sticking with the profession for more than 50 years, but the love of her wooden clogs Union to remain as Early.

Contact her since, at that time the poor, she must follow her to the market to sell clogs from teenage years. After her loss, the entire width of 1.5 m2 booth was leaving her Union preserved.
The 80 year period, clogs are more popular. Although daily pay clogs constantly, but she still feels happy Union. However, only about 10 years later, less purchasing power, there are days she does not sell well in pairs. To hold business, Lien forced to sell more shoes but still no change.
"'s Stage, profits are not much, just enough rice everyday, but for love of the profession and as fair as I still try to maintain. Fortunately, by 2000, foreign tourists started to massively Vietnam tourism, clogs are favored to retain new today. Also since then, I stopped selling sandals, wooden clogs only maintain, "she confided Union.
But in recent years, economic difficulties, tourists to Vietnam declining, she no longer stall the hooves bustling as ever. Instead of selling more than a dozen pairs a day, this is just so expensive pair 3-4. The price of a wooden clogs every Lien average 100,000-150,000 dong.
Despite the age of 70, but her actions still very agile Union. Many see her hands trembling but played only once as clogs just like print. Many proposals for auto loan, but when they began work on a scratch test order that is super crooked nail. Yet when visitors compliment, she remains humble: "Close the many familiar, but nothing workmanship".

Confided to her that the most memorable memories in life. She told the meeting that the Singapore boys, traveling to Vietnam had clogs water stall to buy gifts girlfriend. After many years, the boy came back to Vietnam and find her in the stall clogs to thank you for the quality product.
"Seeing me, he was glad, but I do not remember. He recalled that clogs bought here, girlfriend something nice and cheap. To thank me, he took a wooden plaque says: "Custom made shoes. Cheaper! Shoes in Market "and the date signed below, then tell me to hook up to foreign tourists known order., But I do not like to flaunt board should only keep as a souvenir," she remembered.
Billions of cells in the difficult profession, Lien said, the hard part is her only talking to foreigners. At first, many foreign visitors come to see the shoes and would like to try, but since not understand so she shook her head and they went away. Seeing this, she immediately asked the young owner of fears next service. From that on, she tried to listen and study more english some questions about buying, selling price ... Now, when meeting foreign guests, she was not even embarrassed that a gentle answer them thoroughly.
When it comes to the craft passed down to children and grandchildren to enjoy old age, her eyes suddenly sad and said softly: "You can not live on their own family. If the stall rental will be leisurely, more revenue monthly sales proceeds clogs. However, she has always considered this market is going to stay home so if pathogenesis. As for the latter, if not make sure more will leave them in the family

Thi Ha

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