To life for fans


Who studied accounting and job stability in government agencies but ultimately Artisan Lan Tuyet profession to stick with traditional fan.

Tuyet Lan Artisan is guiding students to practice cultural traditions of the art of making hand fan.
Her parents, Mr Nguyen Duc Lan Tuyet - paper fan communal village artisans He Son, Thach That district (Hanoi). Ms. Snow said: Since I was small errands for his father to learn the craft. At the age of 8 years old, after an illness of "most CROSS born," I was paralyzed one leg, walking difficulties and therefore also changed my mind about handing father to me. "Learning all high school, I participated in intermediate accounting class, then worked for the company for import and export of art. Time to work here I was exposed to the art items in the country and abroad. Then I suddenly realized that his flirtation paper fans continued job nobody, so I traveled back to the homeland, to learn the craft ... "- Ms. Tuyet Lan recalls.
Back home, she embarked on the study raise the value of works of art fans. She studied painting Dong Ho, visiting temples, ancient towers and find artisans of traditional villages as Plan Soup (Ha Tay), Dao Xa (Hung Yen) to learn how to mix colors, modeling techniques, materials and combinations of landscapes fan on the fan ...
For Tuyet Lan artisans, every product launch is the result of hard mental work. She shared: Making art fan, who worked to harness thoughts from design, material to the subject of each picture decoration. "For as the normal hand-held fan, to become a fan art picture, then workers must hold on folk style, showing rich colors, themes; material rustic but modern. When a new product that could grace the hand of his wife, the artist on stage, in the fashion show and the beautiful decorations, fancy house "- Ms. Tuyet Lan said.
Currently, domestic and foreign visitors avid fan of the artisan products Tuyet Lan, her products have been exported to Asian markets such as Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, China ...
Come to the paper factory fan of Artisan Nguyen Lan Tuyet small alley street in literature, we found the students were drunk and apprenticeship in which some 20 people, up to half of children with disabilities.
Tuyet Lan Artisan confided: The children not only to learn craft village children that He has all the descendants from as far away as Nghe An, Quang Binh, Dong Nai ...
"They come from the tourist areas key for handmade products sold to foreign tourists. You do not have to pay tuition fees, but also support food, accommodation and travel. Particularly with children with disabilities, I live on the local handing them to concentrate fully when a class of 25 - 35 people "- Ms. Tuyet Lan said.
Over 20 years of occupation, Tuyet Lan Artisan has free vocational training for thousands of children with disabilities across the country, each year about 100 students taught. Those who want to stay after school job is to work with the salary she receives 2-4 million VND / person / month.

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