To the handicraft products contribute to promoting local tourism


Currently in the parks, tourist spots in the province, not difficult to tourists looking for souvenirs products, such as paper fan, round rock, metal jewelry, cakes, candy, clothes and even sold rich and diverse.

But to find the product handicrafts produced by the Ninh Binh, make out, even slightly humble. Perhaps only 2 places that sold many items of traditional crafts is characterized in the Ninh Binh Tam Coc-Bich Dong tourist product The product embroidery and rush at Phat Diem Stone Cathedral . Even at Phat Diem Stone Cathedral, an entire city block souvenir business is located next to the church the road is pretty much sold products closely related to traditional weaving rush of people to the Kim Son item: Which hat rush, rush lanes, vase of bamboo, sedge sandals ... needs to find souvenirs of travelers to Kim Son. Ask about a souvenir shop owner about the origin of the products being sold in rush stores, doctors said fact to have products on sale, we have to rush production enterprises ordered according those items that are available now for export. There is no private enterprise producing souvenir items for which the volume of product in the store ordered Cathedral negligible, not often ...
Undeniably Ninh Binh is a land of many advantages to develop smokeless industry with tourism resource rich and diverse: hundreds of historic sites, thousands of festival, the beautiful landscapes extraction step is complete ... more attractive and attract domestic and foreign tourists. However, looking at the product market and souvenirs before now, results are not commensurate with the potential and the development of tourism. Not to mention, Ninh Binh also owns several local traditional villages, making the products exported to many countries around the world, is known as: Van Lam embroidery village (Hoa Lu-Ninh Hai ), carpentry village of Phuc Loc (Ninh Binh Ninh Phong city), Kim Son traditional rush job, crafted stone carving craft Ninh Van (Hoa Lu) ceramic Gia Thuy (Nho Quan) ...
In recent years, apart from two long products are embroidery and sedge has been introduced in many areas, tourist attractions, as many products are known to many tourists, the products of traditional villages, such as: stone carving, wood, ceramic ... untapped and to promote the advantages to become souvenir items and significant economic value. Recently, the Center for Public and Trade Promotion (Department of Trade and Industry) held a design competition for product design and crafts in 20132 aims to encourage organizations and individuals to promote ideas creativity to create handicrafts products, new style suit customer tastes and increase the competitiveness of the handicraft products Ninh Binh on the market, especially products advantages for tourism. The competition attracted more than 100 products in the typical traditional industries of the province, such as embroidery, stone carving processing, wine, rush, ceramic, wood ...
The entries were judged on the following criteria: novelty, is capable of wide application in the production facilities, high aesthetic value, close the application, ensuring ethnic art - modern-mass, effective socio-economic. To prepare for the competition, the handicraft artisans, businesses have been carefully prepared, attentive to the wishes of products now contribute to the new, unique, innovative souvenir market of Ninh Binh. Even in handicraft enterprises Van Bao Ngoc (Tan Thanh Ninh Binh city), recent years have produced positive products and souvenirs for the tourists. Through various materials such as wood, bamboo, earth, ceramic, pearl powder rhinestones ... the classic reference, history, landscapes, landscapes of Ninh Binh area: Thuy Mountain, Yunnan river, areas Trang An eco-tourism, wipe flag maneuvers ... are expressed as the product vividly eye-catching souvenir.
As a business owner, Mr. Pham Ngoc Ba: I went more traditional village of wood in the provinces and cities across the country and found that "array" handicraft products almost completely overlooked, few people do by feats, from the meticulous design until it shapes the product. Upon launching the tourism products, many of Van Bao Ngoc products such as key rings, bracelets, vases ... are the famous tourist destinations such as Hanoi, Hoi An ... welcome immediately. For years, his business has become a provider of products for the local tourism have strong development of tourism. However, Ninh Binh tourism market is to be "open-ended". Recently, he has been tinkering learn about the traditional villages with the featured products to form the handicraft products meet the criteria that tourists need, which is the real small items, beautiful, convenient transport, distinctively capital region.
And this is the time period production business efforts, innovative products with bold Ninh Binh to introduce visitors at the parks, tourist spots in the province. Join the competition for the design handicraft products by Industrial Promotion Center and trade promotion organizations, businesses Bao Ngoc Van brings 10 new products, such as: ancient coins gilded Dinh, wooden pen tube pictures wipe flag exercises, buffalo pottery objects, painting wood ... And immediately after the competition, is now planning to introduce specific souvenir of their products in the region, tourist destinations, major hotels in the province to promote, market products. If the plan succeeds, along with income generating business, creating jobs for dozens of employees that mainly employees with disabilities working at Van Bao Ngoc, souvenir products with bold culture, tradition Ninh Binh also promoting the introduction image, Ninh Binh area to tourists in a national and international practical way, the most effective.
While market products and souvenirs for tourists yet formed and flourished, producing souvenir products still spontaneous, strong business does he do business, not a chain, operating systems ... they are in need of care, support industries and functions of local authorities in the province. The business needs direction, financial support, of the local ground, need to work closely, with effective business travel business, need help with knowledge, to market light create designs, suitable products from the industry ... in that function, fashion design contest handicraft products is considered as one of the thrust, contributing to "open the door" to market products and souvenirs for tourists.

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