Tourism in agricultural villages, rural coconut


Be seen as a craft village economic environment, culture, society and technology is a long tradition of handcrafted, bold folk, as well as containing profound humanity. Environment was the main village preserves the essence of art, engineering is transmitted from generation to generation. Craft village development not only create jobs for rural economic development, enriching their homeland, but also contribute to maintaining and further developing rich traditional culture, creating a new face for rural areas.

Ben Tre in the Mekong River Delta, is a convergent sub-region, cross-cultural importance of ethnic Vietnamese 4 - Care - United - Khmer. Consequently, village agriculture, rural life here and tied up with customs and cultural life and also fully embodies the natural identity, diversity of product material and spiritual, contributing to so simple portrait, but alive. By Ben Tre coconut, visitors will feel exciting to explore some agricultural villages and rural areas.
Craft villages and flower seedlings

Located along the Co Chien river is mild year-round inning, blessed the land fertile alluvial Cho Lach, facilitate the development of lush crops and fruits year-round seasons.
Cho Lach is located at the narrowest portion at the top of the isle land Minh, but very convenient for transportation by water and land, it has traditionally attracted people converged on an apartment where communication industry, created fruits and green trees, and seedling production and ornamental famous Mekong Delta region. Therefore the pilgrims for Cho Lach's "Kingdom of fruit trees and ornamental plants" of the southern region.
By far, the people here have said job creation trimming, grafting, hybridization and breeding of fruit trees, this job became hereditary profession and requires meticulous apart, planting experience soup season, also have certain scientific knowledge in order to make new varieties, yield and fruit quality higher.

Go to where visitors are also caught the image dear, hardworking, busy, people urgently Cho Lach gentle, friendly, combined with their skill to create works of trees ornamental very skillful. For people who do bonsai as "artisan gardens". The artist wants to give birth to a work, to have ideas, to go through several stages, which according to ancient ornamental bending to take a bit of each action and soak in that work, the new portray more lively, soulful, with a desire to contribute so much more flavor to life, then his new work called perfection.
This fertile land has created favorable conditions for people here to develop villages and flower seedlings. Here, visitors will discover the best advantage of unique products are ornamental creature, which emerged the 12 animal creature. Many tourists who are very impressed with the style of this type of ornamental animals. Although plants use to form the tree is still ignorance, but the talented hands of artisans painstakingly created new value on each line of a work of art. See the interesting ornamental, everyone can imagine that animal. What the New Year brings the animals took shape was refined in focus to do more to sell. In addition to the tree si, people can still use other plants to bend as ornamental animals: lub slumped, white shell, switches, ... What is important is the visual arts, the creature must make ornamental shape out the shape of the animal, then create inflection point must be sharp, vivid and soulful. The "hick artists" do this job that until now almost no books, no teachers, just do it learn from experience, vocational training. In addition to the 12 zodiac animal ornamental, there are a number of other works, such as champagne bottles, the glass mugs, vases ... decorative front entrance is beautiful. Every year, on the occasion of Tet is considered the nation's "peak" of the profession and ornamental plants. If visitors to the coconut into this season, the new feel all the "best" of the Cho Lach. Especially along the roadside plants, ornamental flowers exhibited dense and combined with the hustle and bustle of the busy Lunar New Year to make up the exotic charm, but only those who set foot in this new can feel it all.
Currently, speak to Cho Lach or places Cai Mon (Vinh Thanh), has become a familiar address and become seedlings provider marcotting by local people, Vietnam's largest breeder and country gardens Celebrity delicious fruits such as durian, mangosteen, rambutan, bon Bon ... and other fruit trees. In particular, the manufacturing hub of ornamental plants, ornamental flowers, from the short-term crops to perennial crops ancient, very popular in domestic market and many countries such as Korea, Singapore, Japan Japan, ... Currently, Cho Lach has 17 villages and flower seedlings are recognized, mostly concentrated in Vinh Thanh Commune, a few hamlets in Phu Son and Vinh Hoa. The remaining communes of Cho Lach has many producers seedlings, flower, fruit orchards genuine, quality, enough for visitors to explore the sights.
Salt Bao Thanh village - Ba Tri

Ben Tre has 65km coastline stretches over 3 Ba Tri district, Binh Dai and Thanh Phu. So village agriculture, rural development here is quite rich. By Ben Tre, tourists can not ignore the traditional villages of salt production in Bao Thanh, Ba Tri. It is often referred to the workers as "salt", because "salt" is salt, that "d6an salt". This job is very hard capital, the job always "sell face to the earth, to sell back to the sun," depends entirely on the weather. Occupation salt is only in the dry season, the rainy season is not done. According to many who remain in the profession longer salt, then started Bao Thanh salt from the previous 30 years of the nineteenth century. This is a hereditary profession from generation to generation. For this job, do not need a lot of capital but requires a lot of labor, along with common tools such as rollers, rakes, p. How to make salt looks simple but not easy at all, must do each stage. Originally embankment to make flat land base as a mold, then mold exposure, get water into the mold and passed it back and forth to fit the mold, then sprinkle "salt-like" and finally harvesting.
Dry fishing village of An Thuy - Ba Tri

Craft villages along the coastline formed over half a century. Since this is a craft by hand, so the current activities are primarily focused on households. Fisheries dry completely dependent on natural conditions, sunny day, the yield sharply higher, even on rainy days, it can not be done, but if any do they have indoor drying. Add Shrimp Store, An Thuy Commune, Ba Tri district can be considered a "mecca" of their profession. Every fishing trip to the local people started to do. Because drying fish require fish to fresh new product for the quality and it is important to keep the sun during the day.
Dry fish processing village Thang Binh - Binh Dai
Fishing village of Binh Thang (Binh Dai) pre-1950 occupation fishing villages first appeared in Justice boats Hamlet (now part of the commune's village 3). Currently, the fishing village of Binh Thang continuous development and progress to established brands. Fishing, fish processing into dry here now become traditional, concentrated in the Hamlet 2, 3, 4 and 5 Sales volume across so many markets outside the province. Careers in dry fish processing Thang Binh (Binh Dai) just as dry fish processing An Mercury. Binh Thang also the cradle, is the center Nghinh He organized the largest festival every year, not only in Binh Dai district but also the province of Ben Tre.
Go to the village in Ben Tre, your visitors will be gone and explore the beauty of the land of the coconut creating, visitors will not cease to be amazed and pleased.

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