Tourist village Ben Tre - situation and solutions


Modern life is indispensable travel demand increasingly more demanding when people often live in cramped apartments, work in high-rise blocks stifling, as well as work pressure in economy at present market.
From 2000 to present, ecotourism model - water combined traditional villages to visit during the development process of tourism development in Ben Tre coconut. Each village, each sector has shown cultural characteristics of each region, each locality. Beauty, meaning and effect of the village gradually bring novelty to stimulate the understanding, perceived by tourists as well as contribute to improving the lives of coconut farmers countryside hospitality.
However, the real situation to develop traditional craft villages to cater to eco-tourism at present there are still many concerns. State the travel business and farmers are interested in is how to expand the village, generate income and attract tourists, and promote sustainable village development in the social economy entered. It is still awaiting an answer from the relevant industry.
Ben Tre - Coconut Land owns many villages, many occupations have been recognized and attract customers as well as tourists: Occupation handicrafts from coconut in Chau Thanh, Mo Cay Nam and Giong Trom District, Ben City Tre; mat weaving village in Thanh Nhon - Ho Ben Tre, An Association - Chau Thanh Thanh Thoi B or - Mo Cay Nam; flower village, Vinh Thanh seedlings (Cai Mon) and communes in Cho Lach; Loi Hoa lu casting village, village coconut broom straw in My An commune - Thanh Phu; Phuoc Tuy village lead; handicraft village Phu Le - Ba Tri; Dried fish village in An Thuy - Ba Tri and Binh Thang - Binh Dai; Thanh village tractor grip; My village roll cage, paint chips Doc ... With a variety of industries, these products are sold in the village, outside the province and exported to foreign countries, customers and visitors are very popular . But the reality of business production, conservation and development of villages are still many limitations and difficulties, there are many issues to be studied and teased as:
• Firstly, the shortage of capital, the output of an unstable, precarious, cargo backlog was affecting profitability, the business press; they still cherish their traditional occupations.
• Second, the ability and access to modern technology, market information, trade fairs, channel branding and products are very limited and isolated, lack of exercise, the association villages. From outdated technology, the products lack astute, designs, packaging aesthetic yet highly, usability and transport, making less quantity and less homogeneous ... well .. With the status so it is difficult to improve profitability and meet the needs of life, so much of human resources can not be sustained.
• Third, as well as lack of capital, households discrete activities, small perhaps, cause serious effects on the environment. So the level of functional departments concerned to resolve how !? When the budget can not take much capital to invest in waste management for small clusters.
• Fourth, the model combining village tourism, current mining areas such as eco-tourism: Eight communes in Chau Thanh Tien river; ecotourism destinations My Thanh An, Thanh Nhon, Phu Nhuan Dist of Ben Tre; ecological zones, village flower, fruit Cai Mon (Vinh City) - Cho Lach tours or explore the cultural - historical resources in Ba Tri district, Mo Cay Nam, North Cay, Giong Trom and Thanh Phu ... is not really synchronous development. The tour discrete, unmanaged price, price challenges victims, victims are too high commissions to brokers and some tourism workers lack professional ethics, as visitors lose confidence . Therefore, the village people did not profit anything from tours of tourists. At the same time, it is polluting the environment at the place of destination also significantly reduce the number of visitors, with such a situation is very difficult!
So, want to restore and sustainable development of the village, between the state, local, and economic sectors, citizens and tourists together to overcome difficulties and overcome limitations. Specifically:
• Establishment of management in local and distributed logical clusters of villages to manage the system of village development in terms of both economics and travel. From there, the plan proposed capital support to help farmers ensure their processes are operating in a favorable place, contributing to the building of new countryside.
• Develop cooperative models operating characteristic villages, sanitation systems, waste treatment, waste collection systems consistent and effective environmental protection.
• Regular education and training for people in the village cultural communication, business ethics; open training courses, academic skills development for artisans, behavioral education, local contact between visitors. Not to happen soliciting, begging, poor-quality goods, travelers ... slash cut
• Facilitate and encourage farmers to receive market information, guiding them to apply new technologies quickly and effectively. The preservation and development of cultural characteristics to enhance the value of traditional craft villages serve tourists.
• Along focusing on widely promoted in many media, in the tour to reach the market. Participation in fairs and village festivals, which gather artists in the industry with its unique product for exchange, learning experiences together, enhance the value of products to promote work promote more efficient ...
• The Board of Management, the manufacturing facility in collaboration with the Tourism Company to recruit, train guides in place. Agreement destination charge to service support for the development of villages. In addition, the travel unit of interest, information exchange comments from visitors about the quality of services and commodities in the village. Avoid travel companies engaged in price pressure resulting household products provided unsatisfactory and consequently visitors a bad impression, losing faith in tourist attractions and villages.
• Expanding the village sights put on more tours, generating online attraction for visitors to learn about the conditions of the village, country and people, people and real life experience during the trip.
From the current situation, to the rapidly growing village, as desired sustainability is not easily done immediately, but we need to join hands, extensively solicit opinions on building reasonable route, the application of many different solutions developed in the spirit of the traditional villages in a sustainable way. Since then, contribute to raising incomes for farmers, tourism development Tre terminals associated with the construction of new rural communities, giving Ben Tre - coconut become a destination, not a lack of plans tours of local and foreign tourists.

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