Traditional craft clogs Pacific: Where the word "fortune" coke?


Phu Tho (TP.Thu Oil A) and Binh Nham (TX.Thuan An), who was considered "capital" of professional clogs Pacific. With good design, durable, professional clogs have provided a large number of southern provinces, China and exported to European countries. Nowadays, with the appearance of the foam clogs, plastic clogs wooden clogs ... made career fades Pacific foothold in the market.

Time "golden age" of professional clogs
When asked about professional clogs, many people do not know this profession to profession Pacific when. However, they only know that job due to "hereditary". According to village documents about Binh Duong, home made wooden clogs from the large gathering to Lai Thieu, Binh Duong, Binh Nham first in the region and also clogs the paint near along the road linking the Saigon - Binh Indonesia, the majority concentrated in the range of Vinh Phu Hiep Binh up (Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City). Particularly in areas TX.Thu Dau (Dau TP.Thu now), professional clogs most concentrated in the neighborhood (hamlet) Van Phu Tho Phu ward. Farmers Chairman Kim Long Phu Tho Luu, said that: "According to the understanding of the social, professional clogs here has a history of over 100 years and is flourishing. Then the house, the neighbor who makes clogs clogs should always English bustling saws, planing, sanding. Going nowhere docked buds also heard of people carrying wooden clogs. Due to this, many families here have improved lives, overcome difficulties to get rich. "


According to statistics at Thu Dau Mot 1901, in the village of Phu Van clogs over 80 households living by hereditary clogs. And since it was formed Clogs street named Hamlet. By 1999, the official name of the road that is recognized by the government to write to the system TX.Thu Dau street name (in "street name TX.Thu History Dau" published 2008, page 209). At the same time, professional clogs Binh Nham also echoes nearly 100 households with employed. It can be said that the "golden age" of professional clogs.
Previously, wooden clogs Pacific confirmed names on the market, by meeting the tastes of customers with durable products, rich design. Later the clogs in Binh Duong made in conjunction with other traditional craft of shoe making lacquer has the look, attractive color art. Labour is not working as hard work clogs that require ingenuity, diligence. Mr. Nguyen Van Su (born 1962), owner of The Literature Clogs (Clogs Hamlet), said: "My family occupational clogs decades ago. Childhood every time I see parents make clogs the desire to be connected career.'s dream come true that when handing down to my family. "
Hard to keep the village!
Clogs profession has made a name of Binh Duong, but there is the story of the years before. Currently, this village is endangered when consumers are not "indifferent" to clogs. Besides, clogs Pacific no feasible way to compete and develop. By now Hamlet pads, photographs, sound of the voice of the bustling, people are just past. Even so love my job, but can not live with so many enthusiastic professional career has moved to another job. According to our research, Phu Tho full longer than 6 households by occupation, Binh Nham 1 production facilities and finished clogs the 10 households on the first phase (tree cutting and shoe soles). His family Phan Thanh Phong, shoe soles processing facilities in Phu Tho, said: "I inherited the business from their ancestors, have also been two, three generations. However, due to family economic difficulties , I temporarily leave the profession. Currently, we produce only at idle. "


To do that takes a lot clogs stages. From trees to sawing wood, beef and place in a car engine, followed by coarse grinding stage and the shape of the shoe. Next step is polishing, grinding and spray paint. The last step is closing soles and straps. However, those present also "head" with Pacific career clogs clogs only prepared for, and then sold to other provinces to create the finished product.
On recovery policy and development-oriented village, Le Van Nga, Deputy Chairman of Binh Nham Farmers, said: "Despite a desire to preserve and promote our village but is now facing towel., because, clogs markets need good design and fashion, but the basis of local raw products only ".
Find the clogs!
Talking with a passion for some households, we find that the desire to keep the village. They wished to see the day "return" of professional clogs. That dedication is reflected in the saying: "Job done in their blood clogs, never again do I have to keep job", or "living as professional, independent profession" ... Love craft "infinite" people like that but when no output, whether the village will go?
Fortunately when people "turn away" with the finished product clogs, wooden clogs production company Hung Thai (Binh Nham), Thai Van Anh Hung by his master still trying to develop career. At the basis of his existing employees working on 40. Every year nearly 1,000 clogs export to European countries. The domestic market is mainly the fashion shop in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi. According to Mr. Hung, the secret to craft "live" is, it's always changing company designs suit the tastes of users.
We can say the existence of Hung Thai Company is a good sign for professional clogs Pacific. However, very professional clogs currently need more attention from the government. Because, first of difficult products, low prices, high raw material ... it is imperative that clogs craft cooperatives, or associations to solve a difficult problem in the first place for the village, wooden clogs, knowing not by design shoes, fashion shoes. However, wooden clogs Pacific to not only exist in the memories of the people, the authorities should organize competitions design clogs for new models to meet consumer tastes users. Also, in conjunction with the tour operators bringing tourists visiting the village, will make a contribution to preserving traditional crafts, generate more revenue and stable jobs for the people.

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