Traditional village


Village rattan million threads
           Ben Bridge is a village 5km Rice rattan Million Recommended (Lap Thach), craft villages during the Nguyen dynasty, specialized woven from bamboo, rattan furniture out of the living and serving agricultural production, such as baskets, Gospel , baskets, gradually, clinical, bailing bucket, some for fishing ... Recently, due to the need to develop some new models, new products have aesthetic value has been creation: lampshades, flowers, skin, container etc. ... which places contracts, including exports, so in case harvest, the village busy, hustle to keep up with the orders information through a number of villages now, want to go the way of ...

Huong Canh pottery village
The question still echoes the old song forever in the memories of many classes of people far away on a rustic, peaceful, loving, joyful person's land and an area where famous from Le Dynasty about 250 years ago . Civil ceramic close, loving family with how much countryside, which jars, mugs, jars, pots, crockery elementary ... very popular. Because Huong Canh pottery durable, waterproof, stop light, keep the flavor of the container is very beautiful, naturally beautiful, rustic, rustic but quiet, especially its color? Also by many artists have put heart health, skills and love of land, love was blowing on the land? All were made rare identity fascinated the artist, raised wings to reach art, even art award in the country, exhibited in his country.
Today visitors to Huong Canh not seen as in any brick package, which is from the earth crafts: paintings, statues, reliefs ... deep country soul of Vietnam are very excited to be involved in the processing, posed by manual methods ... very interesting ... Out of the more gadgets, the unique ceramic works only in Huong Canh ...

Hai Luu Stone Village 

Spring Festival travel season, tourists pilgrimage bullfighting Hai Luu (River Lot) will have the opportunity to visit the village of Vinh Phuc ducda unique - this profession as long as 100 years. Through village green stone, gray stone piled in mountains, have creative mind and skillful hands have carved so many kinds of residential living (retired grinders, whetstone, pig trough, imperial columns Statistics .. .), advance to meet the requirements of life: vases, Buddha statues, lions, elephants, dogs ... the lights ... the crafts garden. Some artists are selected in the province of Hai Luu stone sculptures of artistic creativity etc ... Here, tourists can see the quarrying work equally hard, learned the stone processing to create the consumer products and art works like wonders. Out back, bring products from stone, eternity, heaven and the earth spirits and hearts air ...
   Rustic Village Bich Chu 

Is a fairly typical village on the Red River, boat wharf, roads favorable, 300 years ago became a rustic village famous region. Hereditary, interesting even to the village, the profession, there are many union workers who work outside the galaxy and then sown profession to many places ... Wood Products Bich Chu diverse, durable, beautiful, rich, sophisticated : Tables and chairs, inlaid, tea cabinets, church furniture, antique restoration, restoration of monuments, old houses reconstruction, meet many kinds of requirements from traditional to modern travelers are looking for the tradition. Bich Chu .. more ng¬hiep facilitate joint participation in fairs, also exported to foreign countries, there are many stalls selling great products Bich Chu. Many of the songs on the client Bich Chu still remember: Vinh Mo bamboo furniture, wooden furniture Bich Chu ..

 Vinh Son snake village 

            Very convenient for visitors, from Ly Nhan, only 20 minutes away is the village of Vinh Son snake, next to the bustling town Tho Tang - a central economic focal point of Vinh Tuong, Vinh Phuc about the same as the West. Here, visitors will be surprised, strange mistake, was thrilled to see the snake cages, all this sudden and unexpected ... Guests can enjoy delicacies from snakes and buy as a gift specialty. Solid public fried, fried snake bones, chopped parks, tunnels medicine with high nutrient content, and snake wine, high solid, snake venom ... was medalist at many fairs, local pharmaceutical clients preferred , also appeared in a number of Western countries, Asia. Unique value of the crystalline solid Vinh Son is passed from generations of hunting and taming snakes residents of the Red River Delta.

     Village Wrought Ly Nhan 

             From Bich Chu, is just over 1 km to the Train Li's village, concentrated in rural Ban Circuit (Circuit Boxes) .Tuy have put advanced technology into a number of stages, but visitors to experience his father had turned past bars hardened steel such as water color briskly become ... It's amazing, thanks to willpower muscle and steel, Ly Nhan has made many domestic utensils indispensable in the life of knives, scissors, chisels, hammers, sickles, shovels until some medical instrument industry, military ... Many also exported to Laos, China, Cuba ... all with the magic that ...

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