Valedictorian's skill in rattan exports


The season at the date, Ngo Van Tung schoolboy - Irrigation valedictorian University in 2014 and rolled pants down fields to support their families. In his spare time, Tung announced rattan assist as the base for a number of exported items.

The afternoon of 18/7, we're just looking to visit the university valedictorian Irrigation guy - I Ngo Van Tung (Tong High School student Van Tran, Y Yen, Nam Dinh) achieved the highest score in the entrance exam on Water Resources University, with a score of 27.5 (rounded community and regional priorities). Parts of each of the subjects are: Mathematics 9; Physics and Chemistry 8.25 9 points.
Chat with Tung, our sense of pride, joy and happiness that filled his family. The first impression is the valedictorian of his gentle smile, polite, seemed docile and especially humility.
Even the news that he was valedictorian of the University of Water Resources, Tung could not believe it was true. Before you take the exam Tung only do all good goals to pass the university, but absolutely no thought of shall become valedictorian.

Tung was born into the family routine learning, which is the parent Tung preschool teachers should from Tung was little parental direction in the learning process. Do not betray my parents in 12 school year, Tung has always been good students achieve more comprehensive and high achievement in the provincial exams.
Chat with us, Tung said: "After the completion of phase 1 of the competition, they compared themselves to answer the dots for themselves and achieve pretty good results. But I still worry especially chemistry, they were not confident with their implementation. I'm also quite surprised at this result, but I was so happy to accomplish goals beyond their expectations. "
In all subjects, the most learned Tung Mathematics, witty Tung said: "For me, Math is a passion, like eating in my blood, but I also do not therefore neglect the other subjects. "
One interesting thing is that even in the 18th birthday of her, Tung said his results is the new University Irrigation valedictorian. Now the news with his parents, both same burst of happiness.
Economic Tung's family was not spared nothing, at home depends only on the field and 4-pole low wages of mothers of preschool teachers. Knowing parents struggle every dollar earned as adopted two sisters to school should always told Tung and sister ban and encourage each other to try to learn my best not to disappoint their parents.

He was valedictorian University Irrigation is also very handy when exporting bamboo knitting.
The day at the season, his pants rolled down the field valedictorian support their families. And the free time, Tung help dad make rattan base for a number of exported items.

To get the results today, apart from the help, encouragement of family, who had the biggest impact in learning with a teacher that Tung Nguyen Ngoc Hai, Math teacher in grade 12 for Tung . Mr. Hai was inspirational, Tung said initial spikes in the study, as well as in life.
Ms. Dinh Thi Van - my mom Tung said: "In the Tung very docile and obedient parents, academic Tung always voluntary and never have to remind parents. But some see the school day too late, because of the health concerns should I have to remind Tung went to bed early. "
Outstanding achievement parking valedictorian but modest Tung said that normal children but also nothing outstanding compared to your friends. In the study, Tung always set specific goals for each subject, complete knowledge of each segment in its entirety, it is sure to be the basis of access to advanced knowledge.

Share their learning methods, Tung said: "The children have started learning from passion, not so cramped and turn learning into a pressure or imposition. If at any time you should feel comfortable to learn, it is too stressful, it should stop. Classroom teachers should pay attention to lectures, understand knowledge. Each day, apart from learning at school and in class review time children spend 4 hours in the evenings. Initially the system to their knowledge, then proceed to make it all real. "
But achieving valedictorian Irrigation University, but future plans are the outcome of Tung, Hanoi Medical University, Tung candid sharing of his dreams: "My main dream is to become a doctor, in home I looked at many smokers who get sick without communication, so if you park Hanoi Medical University, I will go this school, this is also my dream and aspirations of Sale We really did. "

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