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Toys handicrafts of Vietnam made from traditional materials, through the skilled hands of artisans and crafted from the traditional village has become very popular product in the United States. But chances "go west" of this item has many advantages, but the road to America is still the fact many thorns.
Arduous road to travel abroad
Currently there are more than 2,000 craft villages, attracting more than 13 million workers; 1.4 million households and about 1,000 enterprises (companies) involved in the production. With material resources available in the country, imported raw materials account for only 3-5% of the value of exports to the export potential is very large items.
Moreover, Americans favored kinds of handicrafts. But due to labor costs so high in this country most consumer goods are imported, or processed overseas in designs and investments by U.S. companies, then re-imported into the United States . With a population of 300 million people, the United States became one of the largest consumer market in the world.
According to statistics, in recent years, the United States needs to import about $ 13 billion / year handicraft goods. However, commodity exports from Vietnam to the United States only at very modest levels. Ministry of Industry and Trade to 2010 will strive to increase the percentage of exports of goods and crafts in the United States by 3% (0.4 billion USD turnover).
Crafts, fine art and household items are made from Vietnam's folk material like ceramic, porcelain, lacquer, rattan, bamboo, sea grass, wood, stone, silk, horn, ivory, silver, copper ... through dexterity and hand crafted by artisans in the traditional villages, become consumer products and exports imbued with cultural and ethnic Vietnam.
Although the quality of Vietnam's goods not inferior to Thailand, China ... but for now, the new China was the largest supplier of consumer goods to the United States. The reason is that firms producing handicrafts in our country mainly small and medium enterprises. The majority of production is in accordance with the type of craft, ie employers rural product processing form. Very few companies have factories to mass production so there are many cases of foreign enterprises after watching Vietnam handmade products immediately ordered large quantities DN Vietnam but did not meet.
In addition, enterprises are facing difficulties in product promotion, customer access, means of payment and the language barrier ... Mr. Le Ba Ngoc, director of project development for villages in Vietnam, for that: "Restrictions of handicraft goods DN Vietnam today is not aware of the market, the tastes of foreign consumers. We are very confused about the procedures for export and not particularly familiar with the laws of their country. "

New direction for SMEs
With the Internet's rapid development, many companies have boldly selected path exported by ecommerce on Previously, the Vietnam trade on is often personal, work at home, primarily serving the collector. A sailing ship models in Vietnam market $ 60, sold via eBay for $ 100 USD / pcs. Items pearls and rough gemstones originating in Vietnam was for sale for $ 100-200 USD. Also the Vietnamese stamp collection, documenting the Vietnam War theme, coins ... also many foreigners are favorite ...
However, work on the floor selling Vietnamese e-commerce is still a difficult problem for individuals and businesses by barriers of language, culture, experience marketing world, especially the difficult U.S. market.
Foreseeing this need, ecommerce portal border first and only in Vietnam launched with advanced features to help Vietnam overcome all the barriers and supports to individuals and Vietnam businesses selling on In addition to language assistance: information translated into English products, products for sale on the site ebay.comMy, answer any questions buyers ....; Businesses and individuals also advice, instructions on how to buy and sell goods so effective and least risk, help solve the problems that arise in the course of trade and in particular with the support terms of payment, individuals and businesses no longer have headaches with this large barrier.
Since its launch has won the attention of many individuals and businesses have the ambition to expand the market. Anh Vu Xuan Yen - Hanoi toy shop owner Moment said: "After you try a few products to, many responses were very interested in the items" made in Vietnam "was for sale. In just a short time, Hanoi Moment has sold many handmade hats, toy car ... to the United States four times higher price than the sale price in Vietnam
As can be seen, the sales to the United States through have many advantages such as: no rent cost, finding customers, minimize cost ... very appropriate for the scale of production enterprises , small financial resources. Vu Tuan Anh - owners produce handicrafts in Cau Giay (Hanoi) said: "Although the new test 10 products for sale on ebay gifts such as drums, paper paintings, wood paintings hanging wall ... but sales volume is relatively large and the price. In particular, through which I have more opportunities contracts with foreign partners in the production of high value orders. "
Besides, continuous additional new features that most recent auction service: When you sign up to sell products outside the eBay purchase form right (fixed price), the seller Vietnam may play prices of their products to attract the attention of buyers, increase the attractiveness, faster sales and greater profits. This feature helps sellers have more options and improve their profitability.
With the signal on, access the U.S. market of handicraft goods Vietnam has many advantages. The remaining problem is the main efforts of individuals and businesses in the development of designs, quality products ... so ready to respond to needs and tastes of its target market.

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