Vietnam conical


The conical hat is a faithful friend, a woman closer Vietnam. Hat was carved out such artifacts Ngoc Lu drum, the clock tower Dao Thinh to 2500-3000 years ago.
As the development of history through the ages, hats are also many variations in style and substance. At first when no instruments to suture ligation, plaited knit hat. And sew hats today appear to be due to the introduction of the metal, ie the period of training is one mechanism of iron (3rd century BC).
Cone materials not complicated. Somewhere, too, wanted to be a hat to take leaves of a small wild palm for roofing, using a very long fibers derived from tree barks hook (nowadays people often use nylon thread) to sew and bamboo rim. Train leaves the hat brought still wrinkled green, be brought is by using a heated iron pieces, put foil on hold rags used for flat claws. Moderate to high fire, if it is too hot crispy, golden fire, cool the flat leaves only the beginning, after the same wrinkled. It is burning brimstone that they consider to be white, while avoiding the leaves off the mark.
Tre selected sharp-edged long tube, hang up the kitchen layout smoked termiticide, used within the cone. Bell Caps (hats well known village in Chuong village Vietnam, Thanh Oai District - Ha Noi) has 16 class ring. The number 16 is the result of the research, the choice for years, so far has not become a rule change. But the beauty of the hat is mainly due to the skillful hands of craftsmen create. The sewing needle which are estimated as measure. The thread used to sew the hook lengths are usually short, different. Want to sew for the most consecutive serial fiber LIABILITIES other fibers. And the genius of the village church bell hooks is the citrus fiber connections are hidden, that when looking at the hat just seen bathing the smooth stitches.
Hat intimate items of women.

The little girl hard hat Vietnam as an ornament, sometimes objects to exchange minds of their own feelings. It is attached to the top of the cone crush a small round mirror pieces to the discreet charm girls do. Elaborately painted is just sinking beneath the leaf fancy hat patterns, or images bamboo trees, rice fields, lyrical verses, to see the sun shine on the poem called hats.

In art, the dance of the girls hat with graceful gown to show tenderness, soft and discreet woman's Vietnam.

Along with long sleeves, blouses, skirts fields, training bibs, hats waist bag ... be regarded as a kind of traditional costume of women Vietnam. Many kinds of hats, top hats spiers, conical baskets brimmed hats but three games as more slender conical baskets ... all to shield the people living on a very rainy sun strip. In addition to sunscreen, rain cover, helmet still aim to do good for people and consistent with the aesthetic sense of Vietnam: a delicately beautiful, discreet.

Under the hat, eyes, smile, dimples, the hair on, the girl's pale neck seems to be more religious charm, discreet but equally captivating ... One Team hat do the same, go shopping, play opportunity, go out, travel.

Hats not only leaves a very particular definition of the Vietnamese that in each individual product made by each person on each region of the country to bring the culture and identity of its own mind. Therefore, the people of Vietnam have a deep love and stick with simple conical hat despite having it anywhere on this earth.

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