Vietnam Village


Vietnam village, craft villages, traditional villages, traditional village ... or, more commonly known as short village,

This is the village where most people focus on only a certain job; job they do are often very high depth and bring income to the villagers.

Along with the development of agricultural civilization for thousands of years ago, many crafts were born in rural areas of Vietnam, the formation of the village starting from the initial training residents at leisure to take advantage of agriculture, the crop was not a major.

Because the earlier of the ancient Vietnamese economy mainly based on the cultivation of paddy rice that trades do not always work. Usually only the first day of service, or the last date for the new farmers are doing more, such as plowing hard, implant, made of grass (the service) to harvest and drying,... Now the rest of the farmers are disengaged, very little work to do. Since then, many have started looking for more work to do extra initial aim is to improve meals and daily necessities to the increase of family income.

Over time, many auxiliary lines initially expressed its major role, bringing tangible benefits to the residents themselves. As the furniture made of rattan, bamboo, silk ... service activities or iron, copper for production. From vocational secondary site only serves its own needs have become commodities for exchange, has brought enormous economic benefits to people previously rely on the crop. From here a few houses in the village, many other families as well as learning lines from which to spread out development in the village, or several villages close together.

And also thanks to the different interests by bringing the craft in every village which began differentiation. Occupations benefit more then developed gradually, in contrast to the low efficiency or occupations that do not fit the village gradually fade. From there began the formation of village-depth training in a single location, such as pottery village, the village projector, silk village, the village made of bronze ...

The archaeological findings, the historical evidence has proven the villages of Vietnam has launched thousands of years ago. The village is often concentrated in the deltas of major rivers like the Red River Delta, Hanoi, Ha Tay, Bac Ninh, Thai Binh, Nam Dinh ...

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