Village Ngoc Dong rattan and bamboo


Hoang Dong commune (Duy Tien) has an area of 7km2 near natural population of 6,894 people. 6 Rural Affairs, where there is a traditional bamboo and rattan. While many traditional villages faced many difficulties, bamboo and rattan are here again on the rise.

On the first start, here mainly produce rattan chairs. This product was immediately accepted by many beautiful designs to suit the tropical climate. Increasingly reputation as sonorous village, about ordering the product, raw material seller a busy day.

Like many other villages, bamboo and rattan in Ngoc Dong have encountered difficulties when switching mechanism. Song Ngoc class workers have sought to harness the enhanced quality, improved design search market in Western Europe and Southeast Asia. Thanks to this village and have stayed up.

Providing materials for the village is 2 things in our country there are many trees: Christmas trees and rattan. Products such as bowls, plates, trays, vases, jars poison bottle, romantic flowers today are very diverse in types and designs. There are poison vials to 1.8 m high average factory price of approximately 500,000.

Currently in Ngoc Dong, production model is the household, however the consumption of the product through to some people. This is more common in villages. These people have capital, capture the information so they stand out orders and collect goods to sell.
Bamboo and rattan has the advantage here is: which little (just from 300,000 - 500,000 is big enough for a 4 person household production), to take advantage of workers, especially children and the elderly, income high (higher technician about 25,000 - 30.000d/ngay, unskilled workers also reached 10,000 - 15.000d/ngay).

The traditional industry has brought Ngoc economic benefits apparent is undeniable. In addition, the social benefits that the village could not bring all count, as pushing back the social evils, in addition to studying children also participate in helping the family to do more knitting. The older artists are creative designs and styles; the elderly, children, the spokes; the owners are purchasing products, look for contract economic value; those who are directly exposed to the product, drying; mining workers to prepare for the trip ...

Ngoc Dong craft village has survived many ups and downs. Workers class today enterprising to its products continue to serial traditional predecessors. Products Ngoc Dong rattan is confirmed not only in domestic market but also overseas. It is a pleasure not only Ngoc own people but also the pride of Henan Province handicraft industry.

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