Visit villages in Hue conical


For the sighted the conical hat dear and learn more about the culture and people of Hue, you should visit the village where this hat.

Hosiery Hue leaves have appeared in hundreds of years to cone villages like Da Le, Phu Cam, Doc, North West, Kim Long, Sia ... In that West Lake is the most prominent name by this the origin of the famous poem hat. Hats West Lake Village is located on the banks of the river as Italy, Phu Ho Commune, Phu Vang district, Hue city about 12 km.

 A simple conical hats, rustic seemed very simple, but when you come to understand the pain, as well as ingenious feats of the honest hands. The work must be carried out about 15 steps from the forest to collect leaves, then dried leaves, open, board, pick the leaves, build padded rim, staring, cut leaves, cracked rim, cut ... only to have a hat poem just being pretty mild.

Young leaves of the tree after Qui Diep on forest harvesting fog and burst brought exposure to gold and iron flat. The next tip is to prepare the frame from 16 small bamboo pickets to stare. At this point you will see pictures of her girls are old hat full moon gazing self-study. What makes the brand lies in Hue conical stare. Hue conical always made from two layers, skillful workers have not been to the wedge leaves stacked multilayer thin cone and rod assist. Then new oil covered many times, enough sun exposure to hats pretty and durable.

 At West Lake is not only known conical hats women that even the men can also help Polished rims, frame up. Initially, hats poems are mainly made to give to loved ones, but are much loved by tourists sights, laminated between 2 layers verse leaves accidentally became souvenirs indispensable when the Hue. Today, to enhance the helmet, the workmen employed in such occupations are both competitive pressure on the Perfume River, Ngu mountain next poem.

When you want to buy authentic hats river, tourists to West Lake, but often do not find the market Yes Le, Thuy Van Commune, Huong Thuy district. Although in Hue, which also sells hats market, from major markets such as East Three, An Old, Ben Ngu ... to small markets such as Sia, Pho Trach, but the market is Le Gala marquee name than by where this unique item is sold hats.

 Not only sell products of the region, a vomiting child by the hand of the person doing the Le Gala. Compared to West Lake hats, hats Da Le colors not inferior to the white hat, with elegant stitch, stitch can be dressed elaborately.

In addition to selling hats, markets also sell Le Gala materials needed for jobs such as leaf conical hats hat, compass, belt, hat mold. Cho is not noisy, crowded but disciplined style semi-simple purchase. Walking around the market looking to buy a hat, you still feel the rustic lifestyle of the people here.

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