Waking up designs handicraft products in villages


Contest designs handicraft products Ninh Binh province in 2013 by the Center for the Promotion and Trade (DoIT) organization has attracted the attention of the authorities and the industry, especially are local. The traditional village has been actively lobbying firms, cooperatives, institutions and individuals that produce handicraft products involved. The competition was initially evoked potential designs handicraft products of local traditions.
Mr. Ha Quang Diep, director of the Center for the Promotion of trade and said: In recent years, production and trading of industrial products, handicraft, especially handicraft products in the area of interest and promote development. The products of traditional handicrafts of the province such as stone carving, papyrus, embroidery ... increasingly diverse, rich in design, type, market acceptance, provide economic value high, contributing to increased exports. At the same time create jobs for rural workers, accelerate the process of building new countryside. However, the growth rate of industrial production, small industry in general, the handicraft products of the province in particular are failing to meet the set requirements.
Many industries are spreading investment, small scale production, monotonous product, not looking for more potential markets. The main reason is because businesses, manufacturing establishments, business handicraft products less frequently studied, innovative new models that produce monotony of the order of major businesses, not pay much attention to the design of product design brings local identity. Therefore, this competition aims to arouse the greatest potential for innovative product design handicrafts in the village. Over here also to honor those artists, young people have the creativity, dedication to traditional craftsmanship, while contributing to the conservation and promotion of the values of the local culture.
After more than 2 months deployed contest designs handicraft products, although the number of firms participating in the Contest is limited (including 26 businesses and individuals with 140 products in 6 categories the stones, embroidery, papyrus, wood, ceramics) but most of the products tested had to meet the requirements of the organizing committee, such as a new computer; potentially wide application in the manufacturing facility, aesthetically pleasing, close the application, ensuring art - Ethnic - modern - Mass; efficient economy - society. Many products are highly artistic and creative. In particular, a number of products reached a delicate, unique ideas, such as the art of pottery, embroidery, stone carving processing; a number of products with unique features of Ninh Binh to tourism as the art wood products, wine Kim Son ...
It can be seen through the contest encourages organizations and individuals to promote innovative ideas for creating arts and crafts products, new style suit customer tastes and increased strength competitiveness of handicraft products Ninh Binh on the market, especially the dominant product in tourism, contributing to the development of industry and handicraft of the province. At the same time this will be the basis for review awarded handicraft artisans Ninh Binh.
Pham Thi Hong, director of the Department of Trade and Industry said that initial contest helped honor the village, especially the traditional products such as seagrass, embroidery, stone carving, souvenir products tourism in steering the spirit of Resolution No. 15 of the provincial Party Committee on tourism development. However, to enhance the competitiveness of the village enterprises should pay more attention to the composition of the product design. This is necessary to serve the needs of foreign markets and serve tourists. Besides, the levels and branches to support plans galleries, souvenir sales at tourist spots in the province, promoting the arts and crafts products in the mass media, training train knowledge of trade promotion and business support for the product designs.
According to Mr. Ung Quoc Dong, embroidery artisans Van Lam village, Ninh Hai Commune (Hoa Lu): The contest designs handicraft products this time honored products contribute embroidery embroidery village of Van Lam our. Besides, this competition confirms skills and enthusiasm of the artists village of Van Lam. If recognized as provincial artisans, craftsmen like we will have the opportunity to begin training for the younger generation. Along with organizing the design competition design products, the state should be concerned with the preservation of traditional crafts, artisans honor of villages, building product display area at tourist spots museum of the village, the village's traditional festival ... the younger generation to have more pride in the profession of his father.

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