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Traveling west - aka Con Phung Tan Vinh alcohol, is a floating isles between Tien Tan Thach commune, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province. Con Phung is located next to Rach Mieu ferry route of Highway 60 from My Tho to Ben Tre.
This is one of four dunes located on My Tho River stage is set by noble concept brings peace omen of happiness are: dragon, unicorn, regulations and practice. Dragon Con is "long", Thoi Son island is "nearby" Alcohol Regulation (located on the Ba Lai River) is the "rules", and Con Phung (also known as islet Dao Dua) is "worship".

The name comes from what Con Phung Nguyen Thanh Nam to South Korea this Buddhist temple built. When this project is built, they collected a bowl ancient Phoenix bird image, so from that named Phung alcohol.

Also, the reason it is also known as islet Coconuts Directed by Nguyen Thanh Nam is coming here to build South Korean Buddhist temple, has formed a sect called Dao Dua. Dao Dua bring peace advocate, a living fruit.

One point that tourists can not miss a visit to the ruins Dao Dua on the area around 1.500m². Currently this relic preserved architecture is built from the cult director Dua - Nguyen Thanh Nam (1909-1990) with a 9 yard dragons; Peace Tower (Former radio), where he sat teaching experience Dao Dua and spread religious law. Tower mystical architecture of the array up to touch the dragon, the phoenix was associated with the fragments of plates, cups and a huge towering peaks. In his gallery Dao Dua also recorded his pictures during his life, until he died ...

Go with western tourists, visitors will be visiting the unique architecture of the Con Phung what was once a mecca for Coconut direction. In addition, you also have the opportunity to visit handicraft villages producing the material appliances from palm trees to learn how to Bee ...

Besides serving as handicrafts, in Phoenix alcohol also models coconut candy. This is a specialty not mentioned until Ben Tre tourists to travel west. Here visitors will be visiting the processes of how coconut candy.

In addition to serving entertainment, Con Phung tourist resort also has a system of restaurants - really cool hotel but equally chic with rustic terrain, charming the waters.
To be able to explore and experience the many unique features of culture, tradition in folk life of the people of Ben Tre coconut, plan on a tour of western and immediately immersed into space along the river exciting water gardens.

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